New Interview With M Shadows On Call Of Duty And Making "Not Ready To Die." - Avenged Sevenfold

New Interview With M Shadows On Call Of Duty And Making "Not Ready To Die."

M Shadows went in-depth with Anti-Music regarding the bands work with Call Of Duty to provide the song “Not Ready To Die” for the “Call Of The Dead” map pack. He talks about getting connected with the Treyarch, his favorite thing about Black Ops, the process behind recording the song, what other games he plays and much more.

antiMusic: What are your favorite parts (levels) or editions of the game?
M. Shadows: My fav part of Black Ops is the fact that they made it an extremely competitive game. I felt MW2 was too lethal, it took away the skill of a gun battle. There are people that are fans of that style of gaming, but I prefer what Black Ops did to the game. I feel they are very aware and attentive to the community as well. They listen and fix glitches immediately. Not only did they get the game to a competition level, but they added a competition Playlist, which is all I play when I’m not doing GameBattles. It’s a very pure version of the game. Also, the amount of content they put out for the Zombies fans is incredible. You couldn’t ask for more.

antiMusic: What other favorite video games does the band play?
M. Shadows: I play Mortal Kombat, Zelda, Mario, Halo, Golden Eye 007, Bust a Move, Street Fighter 2, Double Dragon, Robot Unicorn, and many others. I think Johnny plays a lot of DJ hero.