Musik Universe's Review & Photos Of Avenged Sevenfold In Montreal, QC On Uproar. - Avenged Sevenfold

Musik Universe's Review & Photos Of Avenged Sevenfold In Montreal, QC On Uproar.

MusikUniverse have posted their review (rough translation below) and and photos from Avenged Sevenfold’s set in Montreal, QC on the Rockstar Uproar tour.

A black curtain in front of the stage fell and we could not look back, the members of Avenged Sevenfold were waiting for a little while. With the weather that stretched over time people were impatient to hear the band play the long awaited first notes. The show began with a melody of chained jets of fire. The curtain fell on the song “Nightmare.” People eager to wake up at least, after long minutes of waiting. The crowd stood up and began to cheer for the group singing in harmony with Matt, the singer. Following was “Second Heartbeat,” a hit we rarely hear since the release of the last disc. The decor, they put the package in the background this time, as in 2006. The three-dimensional logo was installed and yes it was immense. Head and light came out of the eyes and open mouth. All around and on the small metal tables there were skulls, eyes lit with red light and bones just as enlightened. Spot lights, pyrotechnics, fit well with the effect that was created by the big “Death Bat” behind them. The only problem was the height of the drummer, not high enough.

The singer had good presence on stage and talked a lot with the crowd, telling us that we were brave to still be there after all the rain. He also added that Montreal was a special cit for them because after the death of former drummer, original drummer “The Rev,” Montreal was the first city in their itinerary that occurred. Now this city was special because people had been were very understanding and have been so supportive. So they were honored with a happy return. After the speech began “So Far Away.” Throughout the show the chemistry of the members was really felt. They moved from one side to the other being silly, laughing and talking. You could see they were happy to be there even with time cut short. All this to end on the successful “Unholy Confessions.” An intense ‘mosh pit’ that people built on. They took the time to peak and ended with throwing guitar picks, sticks and giving many thanks.