Music Radar: Johnny Christ On "The Stage," Playing Style & Rhythm Relationships. - Avenged Sevenfold

Music Radar: Johnny Christ On “The Stage,” Playing Style & Rhythm Relationships.

Johnny Christ talked to Music Radar about the musical direction of “The Stage,” his playing style, pushing himself creatively, his signature Schecter and more.

“Ah man, as far as we could take ourselves,” he replies. “The real challenge was honestly never a playability kind of thing. It was more a matter of, ‘How could I push myself creatively?’ I specifically used a lot of hip-hop influences, like Dr. Dre on some of the choruses: I made it kind of bouncy. But more than anything for those songs, I wanted to make sure we were having fun. We wanted to make a different sounding record that we hadn’t done before, and I think we achieved that.”