Music Feeds' Full Interview With Johnny Christ. - Avenged Sevenfold

Music Feeds' Full Interview With Johnny Christ.

Music Feeds has posted their full interview with Johnny Christ. Johnny talks about playing some songs off of “Hail To The King” live, thinking outside of their usual writing box, maintaining a mystique while giving fans a taste of the new album, returning to Australia in 2014 and more.

Avenged Sevenfold have become renowned for their showmanship, with even their stage names adding an element of mystery and theatricality. Come new album time, the band found themselves in the delicate position of maintaining that mystique while informing fans of their recent goings on; hence a series of cryptic hints began to appear.

“The whole idea is to show fans that we’re working on getting something to them, get them excited, get them ready for it and give them a little taste of the differences we’re doing on the record. We’re not giving too much away. We want people to experience the record as a whole. When you hear it, we don’t want you to have too much in mind from before, we like that mysterious factor but we also need to let the fans know in our own way that we’re working.

“The whole point of that to us is, really, we think about how we were growing up listening to bands, and what type of bands we were truly fans of and wanted to emulate as kids, these bands with mystique still to them. We as people like to “Just keep giving to them, keep giving, keep giving,” but we [also] like to stand back and rattle the cage a bit, and it’s really been an asset to us going about it that way. We’re just into making music and having a good time, man.”