M. Shadows On Deathbats Club, "We’re Just Trying To Bring The Audience Into The Future With Us." - Avenged Sevenfold

M. Shadows On Deathbats Club, “We’re Just Trying To Bring The Audience Into The Future With Us.”

M. Shadows spoke with Alternative Press magazine about the Avenged Sevenfold’s upcoming NFT drop, “Deathbats Club.” Check out a part of the weeks long exclusive here.

While an NFT is by its very nature digital, what you’re planning also involves a lot of analogue, real-world experiences.
What I realized with NFT collections, like the Bored Apes, was that they were pulling utility out of thin air. They were saying, “OK, if you buy a Bored Ape, it may go up in value, so buying it can be a speculative play. But, if you have this, you also get exclusive merch drops. You get to go to parties on yachts in Miami. You get to go to parties in Vegas… it’s basically your ticket into a club.”

I thought, we have a fanbase who want music and access to us. We’ve had 20 years of building goodwill with our fans, and they always want stuff—Zoom calls, guitar lessons from Syn [Gates, A7X guitarist], giveaways, exclusive merchandise, everything.

I saw what [entrepreneur] Gary [Vaynerchuk] was doing, where he was turning his NFTs not into a collection of art but into entry into his conferences; a token to his time. So that’s when it clicked for me.

What does a Deathbats Club NFT entail?
A lot of these things are going to have insane perks. These things are going to cost about 150 bucks, which some people have complained about, but the reality is they’d happily buy a $200 merch box every month. For that $150, you’re getting all these things you would never get for anywhere close to that price. Each one has perks like your own line into shows, your own merch drops and discounts.

But there’s going to be certain ones that have specific traits. It’s like a baseball card with different statistics and values—the algorithm is set so that certain percentages will be created with certain traits, but nothing has been made yet until you mint it. Say you’re a fan: You go to avengedsevenfold.io, you put the money in and it gets created on the spot and sent to your wallet. We don’t know what you’re getting; you don’t know what you’re getting.

But 10% have the trait where you get free tickets for life. There’s going to be free meet-and-greets for life, care packages airdropped to your house, all sorts of merch you can’t get in the store, airdropped to your house twice a year just by owning the NFT. So everyone pays the same price, and you might be the person that gets free tickets for life. It’s such a cool thing.

Syn is releasing three tokens where, every year, he’s going to send the owner his new custom guitar. So if you own that token, every year, you’re going to get a new custom Synyster Gates guitar sent to your house. I play a lot of golf, and I’m going to have three where I take you and your buddies out annually to play. So I’m gonna be doing that three times a year forever. Everybody that’s getting in is getting well above what they’re paying for. But you may get some things that will just blow your mind.