Missed The Avenged Sevenfold Live Chat? They've Got You Covered! - Avenged Sevenfold

Missed The Avenged Sevenfold Live Chat? They've Got You Covered!

If you missed the live Avenged Sevenfold chat that just took place or would like to watch it again the band has you covered! You can re-watch the entire thing here on their UStream. Thanks to Zacky Vengeance and M Shadows for the Deathbat News shout-out! And thank you to all of the readers of DBN, this place wouldn’t be anything without you.

Interviewer: We’ve got a few more questions coming in from all over the place, this one is from out in L.A. I’ve read in interviews that you say you’re regular readers of your fan site DeathbatNews.com, and you recently had the webmaster come out to L.A. and hang out, how was that?
Zacky Vengeance: That was awesome. Um. I was told by your record label…
Matt, Johnny, Syn: [Laughs]
Matt: Im trying to count the seconds in between Zack’s pauses. You’re like Barack Obama, you know, he really thinks about things.
Zacky: The light… the light turned on and off. But basically Warner was like, “Hey, we’re flying out [NAME] from Deathbat News to do a review of the album.” And I was like, “Oh, that’s cool, but like.. she’s going to be fucking bored to death because there’s nothing that exciting to do at Warner Brothers.” And I was like, “That’s how you’re going to do it? You know, take a big fan, fly her to Warner to listen to the album? Like, why don’t you just send her a copy of the album?” I was like, “Why don’t you have her to come my house, fuckin’, hang out or something. That’d be cool, like, I’d get to talk to her. I know she’s a big fan, and I get an absolute kick out of talking to our fans and knowing what they like. You know, find out what it is about us that they like and stuff.”
Syn: How we can service them.
Matt, Johnny, Zacky: [Laughs]
Zacky: How they can serve us. No, but so yeah. I wanted to meet her, you know, I’ve found out more about my own band on that website.
Matt: Me too!
Zacky: I’ve found out about tour dates…
Matt: Thanks, [NAME]! Half the time I don’t know what the hell we’re doing, but I read your website and then I’m like alright, that’s what we’re doing!
Zacky: Yeah, so it was cool. She was great. [Laughs]
Matt: Sometimes I even see things on there and I have to call management and yell at them…
Zacky: Yup, we do! [Laughs]
Matt: Like, we’re doing this? Really? I don’t remember that. So, that’s an awesome website. Good community.
Zacky: [Nods]