Metalbitacora's Avenged Sevenfold In Madrid Review With Videos. - Avenged Sevenfold

Metalbitacora's Avenged Sevenfold In Madrid Review With Videos.

Metalbitacora have put up their review of Avenged Sevenfold’s show in Madrid, Spain along with some videos from the show.

To Madrid arrived as headliner one of those bands with more projection in the present metal scene, the americans Avenged Sevenfold, and there we went, to check if all the vicissitudes which have surrounded them until now are coincidences or if, on the contrary, they fulfill the archetype of a future big rock band, ready to pick up the testimony which the big ones are ready to transfer. A7X have published 5 studio albums, in spite of their youth, and have an enormous success in the USA, where the work which they presented us, “Nightmare” started at No 1.

Normally a band with gigantic dimensions usually magnifies their legend with other events, and in this case this is also fulfilled. The premature death of drummer The Rev made fans fear of the vanishing of the band, which in stead surprised everyone with incorporating Mike Portnoy, who left Dream Theater. When thinks like that happen one thinks seriously that this guys wanna rule the world and maybe the deserve an opportunity.

The first thing that draws my attention is the difference of ages compared to other concerts I went to lately (Cinderella, Stryper, Down…), here the average was about 22. There were very young people, for many of them maybe their first concert and this converted “Vista Alegre” in a saucepan with an audience devoted from minute 0.

Reined calm with chants of “Sevenfold, Sevenfold” in the break during which “powerslave” by Maiden and various Motörhead themes were played until at around 10:30 pm the lights went out. The taking of the stage of A7X was really involved in a clamor so thunderous that we felt we were in front of a really great rock band. In fact it was impossible to hear the first accords to “Nightmare”, first single of their latest album, with the shouting of the audience which culminated, as you can see in the video, when Shadows took the stage with his typical outfit, hat and aviator glasses.

Attention with Shadows. This guy has qualities. He dominates various registers: lashes, transitions, half tempos, is capable to make variations in his timbre which modifies the voice completely from onep song to another and the tone is similar throughout the whole concert. It’s not like he expounds with the audience, but he leads the situation constantly. For me this was the best, together with the drums. The rest of the band was correct. No mistakes. No highlights. It’s been a long time that I don’t assist a concert where the people know the lyrics from start to finish. And I’m not talking about the hymns, since this group has at least six or seven, but I mean the whole repertory. This does not happen usually in concerts. If this was an entertaining night, so it was also because of the audience. Although one must say that the circle pits in some occasions seemed like toys. […]

“Critical Acclaim” was the transition to this delicacy that is “Welcome to the Family”, a great song made to jump from start to finish, just in the beginning of which A7X welcomed us to their family. There were the masses ready to keep jumping to the tempo of the riffs. “Almost Easy” and “Buried Alive” demonstrated me that they are capable of maintaining a high tone throughout the first half an hour of a concert. At this moment he stops, “Shadows” remembers Sullivan The Rev and they dedicated him “So Far Away”, which is an endearing theme but which use some to refuel, evacuate or, like us, go to the pit.

Because after that comes what is, in my opinion, the best composition of their repertoire: Afterlife, which sounded as good as on the cd. They honored their heaviest influences with “God hates us”, where the Pantera shirt Shadows wore gained more sense. He asked how many of the present saw them for the first time and almost everybody raised his or her hand. “A little piece of heaven” was a counterpoint which showed that they can be sensibles too and please the most part of the audience which was female. There were a lot of girls. We defend equality in metal, too. “Bat Country” closed the first part, which was resumed by “Unholy Confessions”, this part of the encore dedicated to the circle pits. I insist that they were quite harmless. And the party finished with “Save Me” a 10 minute song which shouldn’t close a show.

Maybe this wasn’t the concert of our lives, but I believe that we saw a band that, if they know to maintain their level and a logical evolution, is very close to the top. And I’m not talking about an ephemeral top like those of Korn or that kind of bands that are liked during 8 years and then they are diluted. We talk about a top of survival, like the big ones. The really big ones. It’s in their hands. They already won the people.

Thanks Rene for sending this in and the translation.