Mass Live, "When [A7X] Took The Stage There Were Only A Handful Of Empty Seats.." - Avenged Sevenfold

Mass Live, "When [A7X] Took The Stage There Were Only A Handful Of Empty Seats.."

Mass Live have put up a review of Avenged Sevenfold’s show last night in Springfield, MA.

SPRINGFIELD – The Avenged Sevenfold concert at the MassMutual Center on Tuesday night began with a man standing high above the stage on the light rigging, slipping a noose over his neck, and jumping.

Now that we have your attention…

The stunt is the opening scene of the “Welcome to the Family Tour,” headlined by the aforementioned A7X (as they are known to fans) and featuring performances from Three Days Grace and Bullet for My Valentine.

The tour will be counted as one of the more successful rock shows in recent memory at the venue with well over 5,000 fans in attendance. When the headliner took the stage, there were only a handful of empty seats in the 6,000-seat venue.

The opening stunt surely puts the band in the crosshairs of any number of groups and organizations (they would probably welcome the attention) but for shock value it certainly served its purpose for this audience.

While the band screamed through “Nightmare” the now-limp body eerily swayed back and forth high above lead singer M. Shadows’ head.

Macabre was a definite theme for the night, with the hard rock band set up on a gothic looking stage with crosses, iron gates, and funeral pyres.

“How many first-timers do we have here tonight,” asked Shadows. “Well, welcome to our (expletive) dysfunctional family.”

After “Welcome to the Family” the band offered up “Almost Easy” the beginning of which was interrupted by the crowd chanting “USA…USA.” It was the one of several spontaneous moments of patriotism that erupted during the show in this post-bin Laden era.

“We walked off the stage after out last show and heard what happened,” said Shadows, acknowledging the crowd. “We’re just glad he’s gone and that’s all I’m gonna say.”

The band shifted between guttural metal core and thundering hard rock throughout the set, blasting through songs like “God Hates Us,” and then finding some musical poignancy in songs like “So Far Away” which was dedicated to their deceased drummer Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan.

The set closed with “Unholy Confessions” and the band encored with “Fiction” and “Save Me.”