M. Shadows On Whiplash With Full Metal Jackie. - Avenged Sevenfold

M. Shadows On Whiplash With Full Metal Jackie.

Before the “End Of The World Tour” was cancelled, M. Shadows recorded an episode of Whiplash with Full Metal Jackie and talked about what he envisioned Avenged Sevenfold and metal would be like when they got to the point of where they are now, why it was important to them to be a part of the End Of The World Tour’s diverse line-up, what he’d love to do with stage production and a set-list if budget and fan expectations were no object, what their process is to get into the creative consciousness to make a new album, what’s different vs what’s the same about them as songwriters since the beginning, how the release of “The Stage” made him think about the next album’s release, why it’s important for rock fans to embrace streaming and more.