M. Shadows Talks With Billboard. - Avenged Sevenfold

M. Shadows Talks With Billboard.

M. Shadows talked with Billboard about Avenged Sevenfold’s upcoming “End of the World Tour,” what fans can expect from the production and set list, Prophets of Rage being a tour partner, what’s to come for the band and more.

And the [“End of the World Tour”] set list?
I think it’s going to be a nice even mix, I think four or five songs from The Stage, probably an 18-song set list with a nice blend of hits and new stuff. We might throw in [Pink Floyd’s] “Wish You Were Here” some nights, and we’re going to have some rotators from older stuff like Waking The Fallen, City Of Evil, some older things that people have wanted to hear. I think there’s room for a couple of things that are a little deeper in terms of getting the fans excited, instead of the same songs.


Prophets of Rage is an interesting tour partner for you.
We just met those guys for the first time, and they seem like the best dudes. And their energy is pretty unbelievable. I’m excited about getting on the road with them. I’m excited about the two audiences coming together, ’cause I feel like there’s some crossover but we don’t have the same audience, so there’s gonna be two different worlds and generations of fans coming together. Part of the agreement of this tour is we’re not going to make a cookie-cutter tour that veers too far their way or our way. They don’t want to go out with “radio rock” bands or certain types of rock bands, and we don’t want to go with something too far left-field, where are fans are going to be completely turned off. We’re just trying to put together something very eclectic, where people can go there and say, “Hey, I heard something I’m not necessarily comfortable with” or “I heard something that’s gonna open my mind a bit.” I think it’s going to be a cool environment.

Are you on the same page with Prophets politically?
I think they’re a little further left than I am. I like to stay down the middle on a lot of things, but I definitely lean in their direction. I think when we were younger we didn’t, and a lot of that was just us being antagonistic towards the political bands on Warped Tour. I find myself as I get older agreeing with a lot of their stances, but sometimes they go a little farther than I would. But I am a true believer that everybody should speak their mind in this country.


Any thoughts yet about what the next A7X project is going to be?
We have a couple things we’re looking at, but right now we’re still dealing with the label situation, the lawsuit [with Warner Bros.], so we’ve still got a couple of things we have to clean up before we move on to the next record. For us right now we’re going to do this tour and by the time we get to September we’re either going to South America or we’re not, and if we don’t then we’ll start thinking about the next record.