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M Shadows & Syn Gates 99.7 The Blitz Interview Video.

Check out these videos of the interview that M Shadows and Synyster Gates did with Ronni at 99.7 The Blitz yesterday!

In Part 1: the guys talk about the limited edition “Nightmare” pre-order, if they’ll drop any more songs before the album is released, and the song “Fiction.”

In Part 2: they talk about the “Nightmare” standard cover (and what it may or may not be of,) Deathbat News, Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan, Mike Portnoy, being in touch with Slipknot after the loss of Paul Gray and more!

Q: Do you read what your fans write on websites to see what their thoughts are? Like [DBN] Deathbat News?
M Shadows: Yeah every once in a while, I love to see the fans.. especially right now with Jimmy, all the support we’ve got we’ve seen that from all the fans and Deathbat News is definitely a place to get Avenged Sevenfold news. I definitely find most of my Avenged Sevenfold news on Deathbat News [laughs]. I don’t know whats going on half the time. It’s true, all these things will come out. I have no clue they came out and then I go on Deathbat News and it’s there. So it’s like, ok well I guess I’ll just do that. I guess I’ll just read it on that website [laughs]. And not get it from management. They could probably tell me where Im going to be next week. I like it. It’s a good website though, it’s very informative and it’s very like, good natured, you know? It’s not a bunch of kids arguing with each other which is nice.




Thanks to Lewis for letting us know this was up! And Andy for Part 3.
Thank you Nikki so much for even asking a question having to do with Deathbat News! It’s such an honor for this to have been said about Deathbat News! Avenged Sevenfold are an amazing group of guys whom I have nothing but the utmost respect for. You’ve all picked a great band to be a fan of! And a big thank you to all of you fans who support Deathbat News by visiting this website and spreading the word about it. I do this for you, and only you. You’ve all helped this site grow into what it’s become and I look forward to DBN’s future with you all coming along for the ride.