M. Shadows Reflects On 2017 With Metal Hammer. - Avenged Sevenfold

M. Shadows Reflects On 2017 With Metal Hammer.

M. Shadows reflected on the past year with Metal Hammer and talked about Avenged Sevenfold’s UK/European tour, the WorldWired Tour, the response to the cover songs they released, the 10th anniversary of the Self-Titled, and performing at the Chester Bennington tribute concert.

Casting your mind back to January, How was the UK tour?
“Man, I’m just so glad we got to do that tour. As you know, right after that Metallica called us and we kind of had to put everything on hold for a while and go do that. So if we hadn’t have had that UK and Europe tour booked, then we probably wouldn’t have built all the stage stuff that we did. And now it’s there ready for us to jump back in for this United States run that we’ve got planned – I’m ready to get back on that horse. But the UK was amazing to me, because the last time we were there, with the exception of Download, we were doing Wembley, and only getting to do three big gigs. This time we got to do 11 and they all sold really well. That gave us a lot of confidence that we were on the right track, and to do two nights at the O2 was so fun – fun to play the same city twice and mix the set up and try some new things and… make you feel like a real band again.”