M. Shadows To Nação da Música, "[The Stage]'s A Complete Reflection Of Who We Are As People & As A Band." - Avenged Sevenfold

M. Shadows To Nação da Música, “[The Stage]’s A Complete Reflection Of Who We Are As People & As A Band.”

M. Shadows talked with (translated) Nação da Música about “The Stage” being a natural evolution for Avenged Sevenfold and it being a complete reflection of who they are as people and as a band, “The Stage” Deluxe Edition, the songs they covered, their Grammy nomination, using technological advances to adapt to the changing landscape of music consumption, when they may work on new material, and more.

And what does this album [The Stage] mean to Avenged Sevenfold?
M. Shadows:
It’s a complete reflection of who we are as people and as a band. Many of our works were a reflection on what we thought heavy metal was. And, you know, writing about the history of people, about what’s on our mind, anyway, I feel that “The Stage” is much more realistic. It is based on reality, in studies. It is as if this work expresses everything that we have not achieved until today.


Changing a little bit of the subject, the music industry has undergone many changes in recent years and people are consuming this kind of work differently, especially with the internet, platforms like Spotify … And with that we see that there is no longer that desperation to have a physical album at hand, since they are quickly made available online. In your opinion, how has Avenged Sevenfold adapted to this?
M. Shadows:
As a band, we’ve been trying to get into that bandwagon. We embrace streaming completely, the way the internet consumes it and the like. It’s hard for someone who does not manage to listen to music through the devices. I used to go through Bluetooth. You have your own way of listening to a song, you do not have to depend on the radio, for example, you choose what you want to hear inside your car.

I think at some point people really will stop consuming the CDs, even if people buy them, they do not want to hear that device, you know? In a few years it will be a rare product, it is difficult nowadays to go to a store and find a disc, depending on which one. With that in mind, I believe our band is making progress on that and we want people to listen to our music online.

It may even take some people away, but when the tapes started to stop being used, for example, people had to find a way. It turns out that it is very easy to pay one amount per month and have all kinds of music just by touching your cell phone or your computer. The world is changing and we love it. We will continue to follow with these technological advances and that is it.