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M Shadows Modern Warfare 2 Game With Fame Fan Experiences & Video!

I know you guys were really excited about getting the chance to play M Shadows in Modern Warfare 2 thanks to XBox Live’s Game With Fame and I wanted to share your experiences with other fans who may not have had the chance to do so. Thank you to all of those who sent in their experiences and M Shadows for taking time out to game with the fans! You can check out a video of the game play after all of the stories thanks to MrXAzevedo on YouTube.

“I got to play the first and the last two games with M Shadows on Modern Warfare 2. It was awesome to play with him. He’s a really down to earth guy, very friendly person, answered everybody’s questions and the last match we played was a kniving only game and he won. He destroyed us all. He was also extremely good, way better than I expected. It was an amazing experience and I will never forget it. Also, this is a fact because it came from M Shadows himself. When someone asked him if there will be screaming on the new album he answered, “Yes, there will be a lot of fucking screaming on “God Hates Us.” Not really on anything else.” Overall, it was an awesome experiece to be able to play with him and talk to him. – Desmond M

“Jesus that was badass. He was awesome, funny, and he fucking killed everybody. He was a lot better than I thought he was going to be. But I got to kill him a few times so it’s all good. Hopefully he does this thing again!” – Ryan P

“Just played MW2 with M Shadows. All I can say is that he is cool as shit. It was just like playing with one of the guys, except this guy is famous and fucking awesome. My gamertag on XBox Live is JaKal40 if anyone wants to hit me up with any questions or add me.” – Jack

“I got to play with M Shadows today, it was really fun. M Shadows is a really chill guy, he likes talking to the players and he’s really good too. I had an amazing time playing him, got a couple kills on him too. If anyone ever gets the chance to play him, I recommend that you do, you will have fun. My gamertag is DEADEND SYN. – Tyler B

“I had such a great time playing with Matt! I was lucky enough to win the match and get an awesome game winning killcam with a throwing knife. Shadows surprised me cause he really is a good player. I was not sure what to expect but he is a good gamer. It was crazy and fun at the same time playing with like 18 people. Matt is such a down to earth guy even though he has achieved success that only some can dream of achieving. I guess that’s one thing that makes them great. It was cool that Shadows said he would keep that account and play on it. Anyway, It was a great time and I hope some of the other guys decide to do that some time.” – Landon P

“It was really nice to play with Matt. He’s actually a really good gamer and he’s really nice with the fans. I told him that I can’t wait for the new album and he said hope you will like it. Someone told him I love you and he laughed a lot. It was really funny and cool. Some of the fans were really excited about it. They were all singing Nightmare five minutes before the game. I really enjoyed the four games I played with him and I hope that he will play with us again later.” – Keven & Brandon S

“I went over to my friends house because I have lack of XBox and ended up being 7th on Shads list. I asked for Shads to see if I’d get a response and he responded. I told him that I’m seeing them at the Mass show in 26 days, how Im from Ohio and how ecstatic I am about it and what not. He said “Dude, that’s awesome.” We had a couple small conversations, that’s how it went down. Im pretty excited about it.” – Mary H

“After stupidly nearly forgetting to go back and check when this was happening I found I had only 10 minutes to get on! Thank you Deathbat News for providing me with the information, you run a fantastic service. But anyway, back to the main point. After waiting around for a while Mr Shadows eventually came online. About 20 seconds later an invite came along to my inbox and I literally smashed my controller buttons as fast as possible to try and get in with him, and to my joy I did. The first thing that came to my head when I saw his gamertag was “Holy Monkey Balls!” and then I decided to try and talk to him saying hello and I got that distinctive voice that everyone loves saying, “Hey Buddy!” After a mini heart-attack and a sweat bomb over my face a load more eager fans came in and began discussing varions subjects like Mike Portnoy, Nightmare (there was a group sing-a-long!) and his Modern Warfare 2 clan. After deciding what gametype and map we wanted to play we all headed into one of the most frantic, talkative, noob friendly games I have ever witnessed! Shadows got a couple of kills on me, I got one on him, haha! To my surprise he is actually very good at the game. The funniest moment happened at the end of the game where Shadows was the last kill (which highly amused everyone) and he was found hiding around a door just waiting for the kills to come by! I can honestly say that game is going into my top 10 moments in my life. Thank you M Shadows for giving back to the fans in perhaps one of the funnest ways possible!” – Brett C

“I played a match with him. He was so fucking good. He was the coolest dude I’ve ever talked to. There were like a million kids asking him questions and random kids didnt know he was M Shadows. It was so awesome.” – Sam

“First match I nose scoped M Shadows without even aiming through the sniping scope. He got mad I think, Hah.” – Rick B

“My gamertag is ihawk347 and I played one match with him. He complained about spawn camping a lot but he did more than his fair share himself, actually kind of funny. He is pretty damn good at the game as well. At the end of the match someone asked him to quote their new single to which he responded, “It’s your fuckin’ nightmare.” It was awesome.” – Mike P

“My friend and I were lucky enough to play 2 matches with him and he was pretty decent. But the best was I heard my friend say “Oh shit!” and I’m like, “what?” He said, “I just shot my hero in the face,” everybody started laughing it was great. Please I hope this happens again!” – Eric

“My experience with him was probably the freaking coolest thing ive ever done playing xbox. Hes extremely good for some reason better than I thought, and plus he camps all the time, I dont really mind though it was still awesome playing with him I didn’t mind even dying once it was that awesome. So theres alot more that i could say but the experience was to awesome to unveil onto all of you so lets just leave it at it was awesome.” – Andrew