M. Shadows On Making The "End Of The World Tour" Exciting And Different. - Avenged Sevenfold

M. Shadows On Making The “End Of The World Tour” Exciting And Different.

M. Shadows spoke to Loudwire about how much input Avenged Sevenfold have on who they tour with, how he thinks their audience will respond to Prophets of Rage, wanting to make the “End of the World Tour” exciting and different, and more.

You mentioned growing up in the ’90s, what was your own experience with Rage Against the Machine, Public Enemy, Cypress Hill? Were you a fan? Do you have relationships with some of the guys?

Yeah. So, the first time I heard Rage Against the Machine was on KROQ, the local station out here in L.A. and the first time hearing “Killing in the Name” was just game-changing. It was unbelievable and their attitude and what they represented was just unbelievable. The album cover, every band trying to copy them after they came out and failing miserably at it — everything about Rage at that time was unbelievable. So, we’ve been big fans of what they do.

They have obviously been on hiatus for a long time so you didn’t hear much from them but the reality was we never met them until this week and then after meeting them, B-Real and Tom Morello, just the sweetest guys. Such nice guys. They are excited about the tour. We are excited about the tour. We got along so well that I actually can’t wait to go hang out with those guys again and get to know them better on the tour. I can’t say that happens a lot. They are definitely interesting personalities and very, very cool.

The other big band on this tour is Three Days Grace. I’m guessing you guys have crossed paths at some point. What’s the relationship there?

Yeah, I think it’s important to round this thing out. Three Days Grace have huge songs and they are great guys. We played a festival with them a few years back and became good friends with them. We saw them out on this Breaking Benjamin tour, they came out to one of the Canada shows and we were just hanging out with them. We were like, ‘Why don’t we bring out Three Days Grace?’ They are looking for a tour and it would be a nice complement to this.

Then also, Ho99o9 we took them out when we were out with A Day to Remember and the looks on some of our audiences faces when these guys would come out and start going crazy – it reminds me the early days of Black Flag or just some crazy underground punk rock mixed in with hip hop shit and it’s just awesome to throw a wrench into everyone’s expectations of what they’re going to get at a rock show.

To me, these four bands together just make it very exciting and different. It’s going to challenge a lot of people to sit through four different bands that are in kind of the same rock genre umbrella, but at the same time they’re so different, vastly different, and I think the audiences will be very different but hopefully they come with an open mind and they leave with something a little different than what they came in with.