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M Shadows Answering Fan Questions On 'Hail To The King: Deathbat' Forum.

M Shadows is answering questions from fans regarding ‘Hail To The King: Deathbat’ on the game’s forum. Please try to skim through the questions & answers to make sure yours hasn’t already been covered. Here’s a run-through of his answers so far:

– A solid release date has not been given because of the way Apple approves apps. They would like the game to be released at the same time as Google Play so giving a specific date is difficult.
– They are localizing the game for at least 8 languages so fans from all over the world can play.
– The game will cost $4.99.
– They’ll see about releasing it for Windows OS after the initial launch for iOS and Android.
The game should be under a GB, but it takes a lot of memory loading the levels so make sure all your apps are closed while playing.
– No multi-player content on this one, maybe the next.
– It’s very hard to unlock The Rev.
– They will try to make a PC version of the game as long as there are enough people that want it. However, if there’s high demand, he would rather use those resources to make a Part 2.
– He would like to make the soundtrack available as part of the next live DVD package: “We will see what happens. Some people will hear the soundtrack and think we have lost our minds by releasing it.”
– After you beat the game you can go into Nightmare Mode which is a much tougher version.
– They didn’t want to have any in-game purchases because they think “that sucks.” So, for $4.99 you get the Deathbat character and you can beat the game that way with no purchases. Finding the “Rev” sword is part of the game. Non-gamers found the game to be hard and they feel a ton of non-gamers are going to pick up the game and be frustrated so they added their characters that you can buy for a small price. Their characters have over-powered swords and magic abilities. If you would rather not purchase anything and want to play the game as intended you will be rewarded with achievements. This is the only way they could think of to make sure non-gamers and hardcore gamers could have a cool experience.
– Johnny’s sword is the most powerful.

As for the This Means War video: “We scrapped the first idea, just turned out bad and made a new version. Not sure when its coming out but hopefully soon.” Matt went on to say, “Honestly when we were shooting the video we were pretty excited about it. After a few attempts of editing it the video just looked bad, dragged on and just didn’t do anything for us. Especially since most people didn’t get the vision we were going for w the Shepherd of Fire video, we just didn’t want to come next with a 6 min. boring video of a bunch of people rioting. At the end of the day all that really matters is we didn’t like it so we canned it. I think everyone will be happy with the new video.”