Live Updates From Heavy MTL! - Avenged Sevenfold

Live Updates From Heavy MTL!

I thought I would try a little something out for you all. After showing all your support for Avenged Sevenfold performing tonight at Heavy MTL I thought it would be cool if I did a little live blogging for you guys leading up to, during, and after Avenged Sevenfold’s set. Now, Im not at the festival but I’ll be searching around and with the help of some great people can hopefully pull this off for you all. Each time the post is updated I’ll let you all know and a set list will be headed your way once a Deathbat News reader sends it in as well as better pictures. If you’re there and would like to contribute please send anything to [email protected] – Thank you!

– Before Hatebreed’s last song vocalist Jamey Jasta said, “The next song goes out to our brothers Avenged Sevenfold! Jimmy, rest in peace!” – Thanks Mickey!

– Avenged Sevenfold set to take the stage after Alexisonfire! – Thanks to The Wild Ride

– Avenged Sevenfold are setting up. Lamb Of God’ currently playing. – Thanks to The Wild Ride

– Avenged Sevenfold have hit the stage! Check out Zacky Vengeance – Thanks to The Wild Ride

– Alex from Atreyu tweets about the band: “Tried to watch a7x from stage and got kicked out by security.fuck you security dude. Seriously Fuck you!sounds awesome guys.”

Hellbound continue their live blogging and put up this little piece on Avenged: – 7:45pm – AVENGED SEVENFOLD are the final band to play the second stage. Also, the first band to have pyrotechnics. Mike Portnoy is drumming for them…That’s about all I have to say about them.

– Picture of the pyro – Thanks Laddie and Jonny.

– Brian Haner Sr tweets the following:
“Big night for the boys. 1st time on stage in 11 years without Jimmy. Wish. I could be there to lend support.”

Group backdrop during “So Far Away” – Thanks Laddie

– Avenged Sevenfold’s Heavy MTL set list – Thanks Mickey

Critical Acclaim
Welcome To The Family
Beast And The Harlot
Buried Alive
So Far Away
God Hates Us
Unholy Confessions
Almost Easy