Listen To The "Nightmare" Demo Now On Deathbat News! - Avenged Sevenfold

Listen To The "Nightmare" Demo Now On Deathbat News!

Yes, this is the surprise! I said I still had one planned for you guys and I get to reveal it earlier then I had expected! You’re now able to stream the “Nightmare” Demo featuring Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan on electronic drums here on Deathbat News. Tell everyone you know to come visit and listen! Feel free to discuss the demo here, but please keep the sharing private amongst another, for your own safety I urge you not to trade personal contact details with people you don’t know. Enjoy it guys.

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A very special gift awaits those who have ordered the limited Book Of Nightmares. Our gift to you is a moment of time that can never be repeated. The demo version of the song Nightmare* as it was before the Nightmare became real. This is the finished demo featuring Jimmy on drums. He was so proud of this and it is only fair that we let you hear it the way he played it. I also understand that not everyone can afford these and since they are nearly sold out as we speak not everyone will have a chance to order one. So I ask that those who were fortunate to get these please share this song with your friends and fellow fans because it is magical and I believe everyone of our fans is entitled to this.
– Zacky

*This is the rough demo featuring Jimmy on the electronic drumkit. Left as it was before he was able to solidify his drumming in the studio.