Listen To Previews Of "Nightmare" Now! - Avenged Sevenfold

Listen To Previews Of "Nightmare" Now!

If you would like to listen to previews of the songs off of “Nightmare” then you’re in luck. Barnes And Noble have put up 30 second clips of each song off of the new album. You can check them all out here. You will have to have Windows Media Player to listen. If you’re having trouble listening to a few of the samples just give them time to load or wait a few minutes before trying again. Also, try clicking “Launch Standalone Player” and see if that helps.


Listing On Youtube Samples (Thanks TheBear59):
– Welcome To The Family
– Danger Line
– Natural Born Killer
– So Far Away
– God Hates Us
– Victim
– Tonight The World Dies
– Fiction
– Save Me

Thanks Neil & Ryan for sending this in.