Le Journal De Quebec's Avenged Sevenfold Review, "A7X Ignites The Agora." - Avenged Sevenfold

Le Journal De Quebec's Avenged Sevenfold Review, "A7X Ignites The Agora."

Le Journal De Quebec have published their review (I cleaned up the translation below) of Avenged Sevenfold’s concert.

The California group certainly has a devoted fan base in the capital. Enjoying a beautiful summer evening, there were 6500, most dressed in t-shirts bearing the image of the group, to shout loudly at the sound of the heavy metal band. “We were here last year and it was a very special show,” said singer M Shadows from the outset, a comment that brought up high fever notch from the public.

Obviously, two visits in the same city in such a short time without a new album to defend ensures that the evening will give off an air of deja vu. Like last year, A7X chose “Nightmare” to get the ball rolling. The same pyrotechnics spiced it up to the delight of the crowd while the lyrics were screamed. Similarly, we paid tribute to “The Rev” who died in 2009, when “So Far Away” was dedicated to him. But we got a surprise when A7X invited a fan on stage to perform “Second Heartbeat.” Mathieu Pellerin threw everyone behind him with a voice worth of a metal singer. M Shadows even seemed amazed.

Control of the flock was regained with the opening bars of “Buried Alive.” Charismatic, M Shadows led the chorus of the public like a conductor, particularly in “A Little Piece Of Heaven,” one of the highlights of the evening. In the choice of pieces, A7X were well balanced.