LA Times Article On Avenged Sevenfold & Interview With The Band. - Avenged Sevenfold

LA Times Article On Avenged Sevenfold & Interview With The Band.

The LA Times have posted a great article on Avenged Sevenfold where the band sat down to speak a little about “Nightmare.” You can read the entire thing here as well as see a brand new photo of the band.

“Matt has always been great at telling a story from a different perspective, be it war, familial problems or just angst-filled teenage sorrow,” said Gates. “But now he had his own story to tell, and he poured his emotions out and didn’t hide anything.”

“You can sit there and write about it all day, but if you haven’t been through heartbreak, there’s just a difference,” Shadows said. “When I was writing lyrics, I didn’t really care what I was saying; I just cared about what I was feeling. And I think we made the album at such a vulnerable time that it shows.

“A lot of people were like, ‘Wow, you’re sure getting over the death fast.’ We were like, ‘No, actually, we’re not — we’re bawling in the studio every day.’ But if we did the record now, there’d be a lot less I’d be willing to put out there. You get more guarded as you realize what’s going on.”

Warner Bros. Records Chairman and Chief Executive Tom Whalley said, “I let the band tell me how they wanted to handle this, and ultimately they chose to put their emotions into the making of the record and to finish what Jimmy started.” Still, he added, “the brilliance of ‘Nightmare’ is that it allows the band to move on.”