Kerrang! Magazine's 5 Minutes With Zacky Vengeance. - Avenged Sevenfold

Kerrang! Magazine's 5 Minutes With Zacky Vengeance.

In a recent issue of Kerrang! Magazine a short “5 Minutes With Zacky Vengeance” interview was published where the rhythm guitarist was asked about Avenged Sevenfold’s time at Orion Music + More Festival. Deathbat News reader Sam was kind enough to send in a scan that I typed up:

K: How does it feel to be personally invited to perform by Metallica?
ZV: “We have such a deep respect for Metallica, not only as a band but as people, it’s a huge honor. We hadn’t planned on doing any shows this summer but being a part of something so special requires little thought.”

K: What made Orion enjoyable compared to other festivals?
ZV: “It didn’t feel like it was a bunch of bands lined up to sell tickets. It was Metallica inviting their fans and favorite bands to a giant summer backyard party hosted by them.”

K: How did you rate Lars’ performance as a peer?
ZV: “I stood behind him onstage the entire time and was thinking about how much energy he emits. The crowd and band radiate together off that energy. You can’t be taught that in music school.”

K: How did you rate A7X’s performance today?
ZV: “We went up there after two years of touring and gave everything we had. I’ll let the fans decide.”