Johnny Christ: The Injustice That's Gone On For Far Too Long Is Not Ok And It Is Time For A Change. - Avenged Sevenfold

Johnny Christ: The Injustice That’s Gone On For Far Too Long Is Not Ok And It Is Time For A Change.

At the beginning last night’s live episode of Drinks With Johnny, Johnny Christ took some time to speak about racial injustice.

I just want to take a minute to address a few things, just a few things that I’m feeling about the current state of affairs in our world today. Like many of you at home I’ve been watching the news, I’ve been looking at [my phone] a lot and seeing a lot of things of what people are saying out there and what’s going on out there. One thing I read the other day on my phone was a meme of some sort I believe, I can’t remember exactly what it said but it had the sentiment that kind of stuck with me. Someone asked the question “Why is racism being debated right now?” Something to that affect. And, I thought about over the last few days and it isn’t a debate. Racism is not right, it’s not even not right, it’s wrong. It’s flat out wrong. Judging someone or treating them differently because of the color of their skin is, and will forever be, wrong. That is close to, if not at the very heart, of everything that is happening in our world right now and to those who are protesting peacefully and going after a much needed change, I support you in any way that I can. To anyone in the black community, I support you in any way that I can although I know I can never fully understand what all of this means. I will always do my best to try and do the right thing and not the very, very wrong thing that is based on racism. Now a lot of you probably already saw it this morning, my brother, my friend, my singer, M. Shadows released a statement out on Revolver magazine today and I couldn’t be more proud to have read that this morning with the rest of you and share those sentiments that my finger, my best friend, shared with all of you. The wisdom that went into it, the thought, the love and the care that went into that op-ed, I couldn’t be more proud of that and I couldn’t agree with it more. As I said I support protests, peaceful protesters, but I also see where there can be a boiling point. If you can not distinct between the two of those I think you need to look at yourself. Understanding a boiling point is not an excuse for violence of any kind. That is not what it is there for. It’s the English language saying that you understand the plight of somebody else. That is not condoning violence and do not get those two twisted. The whole thing that I wish to come out of this is a peaceful, loving, stronger relationship with our fellow men and women at the end of this. I hope for a better world for my son and future generations to come. I hope that we can all understand that this is not ok, that the injustice that has gone on for far too long is not ok and that it is time for a change. I can go on and on about this with a whole bunch of words and I’m sure we’re going to talk a little bit more about it in the show but I just wanted to end this part of it with something that I read, or heard rather, last week by NBA former star Jalen Rose. And, I wrote it down just because I didn’t want to mess it up. What he said was, “I wish everyone could love black people the way love black culture.” Now that really resonated with me because he said “love.” Now let that resonate with you. […] I’ve never made any kind of statement or speech like that in my life so I hope I was able to convey a part of the way that I’m feeling right now with you and I hope you understood it.