Johnny Christ Interviewed At Carolina Rebellion 2014. - Avenged Sevenfold

Johnny Christ Interviewed At Carolina Rebellion 2014.

Twisted Todd from 93.3 The Planet Rocks hopped on the tour bus with Johnny Christ and they spoke briefly about Avenged Sevenfold playing Carolina Rebellion 2014, what he thinks about people claiming Avenged Sevenfold are ‘sellouts’ due to increasing radio popularity and putting on a fun show.

On people claiming Avenged Sevenfold ‘sold out’ due to increasing radio popularity:
JC: Everyone’s got their opinions and they’re entitled to them. At the end of the day we’re.. We’ve never made any qualms about the fact that we want to be the biggest hard rock band in the world. That’s a goal that we’ve had since day one. That’s [radio play] part of what you need to get there [laughs]. […] At the end of the day, we don’t write for radio, we don’t write for our fans specifically, we write for ourselves first. We get a vision for the album and then we start attacking it. That’s really what we do at the end of the day, on every record and to be honest we wouldn’t put it out if we weren’t proud of it. So, you know, as far as people calling you ‘sellouts’ well I don’t understand if they’re still staying true to themselves.