Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan Will Shine FoREVer. - Avenged Sevenfold

Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan Will Shine FoREVer.

Today would mark the 31st birthday of Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan and I wanted to do something special for the Sullivan’s (and the Avenged Sevenfold Family) on a day when an extraordinary life was brought into the world and, over the years, became an inspiration to us all.

Myself and a few good friends – Charlie E, Jessica M, Jake R, Kristen D and Elizabeth J – came together to purchase a star from the International Star Registry in honor and memory of James Owen Sullivan. The star which bears his name was created today (2/9/2012) and placed in the Ursa Major constellation also know as the Great Bear. This constellation is widely known as housing the Big Dipper.

The custom star kit from the International Star Registry along with a letter I sent was presented to the Sullivan family yesterday by the wonderful Mr Chris Epting on behalf of not only myself and the group that donated money towards the star but the entire Deathbat News and Avenged Sevenfold family. Restating what was written in the letter:

“Jimmy has been immortalized through his music and legacy and now he will FoREVer be looking down upon us all.”

Fans also formed together overnight to celebrate Jimmy’s birthday by getting two trends rolling Worldwide on Twitter:

Thanks Viktoria for the screenshot.