Jim Root Talks Picking Synyster Gates' Brain And More. - Avenged Sevenfold

Jim Root Talks Picking Synyster Gates' Brain And More.

Lick Library have put up an interview they did with Jim Root of Stone Sour while the band was touring through the UK with Avenged Sevenfold. Below you’ll find only a excerpt of what he had to say. You can watch video of the interview here where he talks more about Synyster Gates. The question appears in Part 1 around 4min and 40sec in and he brings him up around 5min 40 sec in.

“The highlight of this tour is probably the Birmingham NIA gig it was kind of exciting for me to go into a venue that we’d played with Slipknot before,” he tells us happily, iIn the past few months Stone Sour have toured alot with Avenged Sevenfold (previously throughout the US with the Rockstar Uproar Festival tour and have just been confirmed to be touring with the band after Christmas on ‘The Nightmare After Christmas’ tour in the US), since being touring together for a while he and A7X lead guitarist Synyster Gates have been picking each other’s brains on their techniques which are very different. “Brian (Synyster Gates) from Avenged Sevenfold, he’s an amazing player. He’s got very melodic tasty riffs, he flows through his mutes, since we’ve been able to tour with them I’ve been able to sit down with him and pick his brain a little bit, and he’s been kinda picking my brain on how we play, and we have two totally different styles. He uses this Gambale Economy Picking, I go alternate picking which is very simple,” he says demonstrating the differences before adding, “I think he’s a great guitar player, and his song writing is pretty amazing, very melodic, melody is hugely important to me. Melody and having that kinda groove.”

Thanks to Lick Library for sending this in.