INROCK Interview With M Shadows. - Avenged Sevenfold

INROCK Interview With M Shadows.

Japanese magazine INROCK recently published an interview with M Shadows that will be in issue #320, their August issue, that hits shelves on July 15th.

Heather from Deathbat-JP was kind enough to let me know and translate a bit of the interview for you guys. The excerpt can be read below:

“There’s no one like him, no one dies three days after writing song for a goodbye”

“Nightmare”, Avenged Sevenfold’s 5th album has classical rock sound as it base. Heavy and dark tone exist through the whole album but band member
said it’s not some kind of concept album. The theme of this record is too sad to be called “concept”. All songs on it are filled with their thought to their drummer, the Rev who died last December. The song called “Fiction,” which the Rev wrote three days before his own death is something we can truly call masterpiece.

Interviewer: I’ve heard your new album, “Nightmare”, it sounds awesome.
M.Shadows: Have you? Thank you

Interviewer: This album is dedicated to your old friend, the Rev, who died last December, is that right?
Matt: Yes. Jimmy had been writing this record with
us, so we thought we had to stick to what he left behind when we finalized this. We tried hard to keep his songs and drumming style alive.