#IncentivizedQuarantine - Avenged Sevenfold


Starting tomorrow we will be joining our friend Warren Lotas in incentivizing people to stay home for a full 7 days and self quarantine. We are developing a “Check-in” webpage where you will upload a selfie at home when prompted by us via our IG STORY at a random time.

Whoever successfully uploads a selfie with the PHRASE OF THE DAY written on a piece of paper within 30 MINUTES of that post, 7 days in a row, will receive a free t-shirt, hoodie or accessory from A7X World. We have a chance to “flatten the curve” and save countless lives. We are all in this together.

DON’T WORRY ABOUT BEING PERFECT: You can start your 7 days at any point so if you miss a check in just start again and you’ll be at 7 before you know it.

In addition we will be CLOSING A7X World for now. We encourage you to support your favorite independent artists, brands, and businesses during this time of uncertainty. #incentivizedquarantine