Important Information Regarding A Leak Of "Nightmare" If It Is To Happen. - Avenged Sevenfold

Important Information Regarding A Leak Of "Nightmare" If It Is To Happen.

Hello to all Deathbat News readers! I wanted to take the time out, as I have been receiving many questions about it, to let you all know that IF a leak of “Nightmare” is to happen absolutely NO mention of it will be allowed on Deathbat News via Myspace, Facebook, Twitter or this official website. Comments, links, etc. will either stay unapproved then trashed or removed. If you are to spam the website or any of the Deathbat News sites with links your IP address will be banned and/or blocked.

Avenged Sevenfold as well as their wonderful teams at Warner Brothers Records and The Collective have worked hard to make this release that of a special one to us fans and that is the way I intend to help keep it. On July 27th Deathbat News will be hosting a “Nightmare” discussion post for all of you who get your copy to come and chat with fellow Deathbat News readers and fans about the album.

Please don’t make rude comments towards those who do plan on downloading a leak if it is to happen or those who don’t plan on downloading it. This is just to inform you that seeing as though I would like to stray away from any legal issues no information regarding a leak will be accepted on any Deathbat News site.

Thank you for your understanding.