HTF Plymouth Review, "It's Going To Be A Long Time Before Anything Tops [A7X]" - Avenged Sevenfold

HTF Plymouth Review, "It's Going To Be A Long Time Before Anything Tops [A7X]"

Hit The Floor Magazine have put up their review of Avenged Sevenfold’s set in Plymouth. You can read the entire review here.

The first thing to strike me is the overwhelming love the band’s fans have for them, as instantly every set of lungs in the room sing along with Mr Shadows as he bellows lyrics at them; not to mention the clambering for position with camera phones every time guitarists Zakki Vengence and Sinister Gates stand in their iconic pose, leant against each other on top of the platform shredding their way through their dual solos. It can be sometimes easy to forget, amongst all the hype and screaming girls surrounding this band, the shear musical talent they poses. After all, stood on top of that podium are two of the worlds top 10 fastest guitar players.

Any doubts as to the band’s musical ability are put to bed as drummer Mike Portnoy (also of Dream Theatre) kicks in to the drum solo at the beginning of ‘Welcome To The Family” accompanied by a manic light show. Immediately after this the Californian five piece dive into “Beast and the Harlot”. During both these songs A7X display godly instrumental and vocal prowess. M shadows shows off his tremendous range and unmistakable vocal style while his band members play incredibly complex material at ridiculous speeds. Mike Portnoy even taking the time to throw one of his sticks to his drum tech, continuing to play one handed while the tech throws it back, catching the stick and continuing to to play, without looking once.