Heavy Mag On "The Stage": Avenged Sevenfold Have Pushed Themselves To New Heights. - Avenged Sevenfold

Heavy Mag On “The Stage”: Avenged Sevenfold Have Pushed Themselves To New Heights.

Heavy Mag has published their review of “The Stage.”

If I was to compare “The Stage” to any other Avenged album, I’d say it combines the drama of “Nightmare” with the diversity of “City of Evil,” but with a bigger more contemporary sound. Yet, in all honesty, you can’t compare this album to anything else Avenged Sevenfold have done. Musically and sonically they have pushed themselves to new heights and it is clear a lot of thought has gone into each individual track and how the 11 songs would all come together.

For those who enjoy conventional verse, chorus song structures, and overtly catchy hooks, this album is probably not for you. But for metal fans who love concept albums, anything with variety or hell, just some killer musicianship, listen to “The Stage” from start to finish through some good quality speakers and enjoy the journey.