Great Ultimate-Guitar Interview With M Shadows. - Avenged Sevenfold

Great Ultimate-Guitar Interview With M Shadows.

Ultimate-Guitar have put up a new interview with M Shadows where they talk video games, “Not Ready To Die,” Arin Ilejay, the 2011 Revolver Golden Gods Awards, Guns N Roses and more. Make sure to read the entire interview here.

Avenged Sevenfold jammed with Vinnie Paul on “Mouth of War.” How did that feel?
MS: Oh, that was sick—that was the highlight of my fuckin’ night. It was probably the highlight of my year. I walked off stage and we were both like high off it. We were like, “Yeah, dude.” We went straight to shots and drank together all night and me and Vinnie were talking about it and talked about Dime and The Rev. We got off stage and had a fuckin’ blast and he’s such a great drummer and it gelled really nicely. It was nice to see him up there again just rockin’ out to an old Pantera tune.

You also jammed with Duff on “It’s So Easy.”

MS: It was so cool, man—it was just thrown together. We’d been planning on doing it for a long time and he just couldn’t make it to a rehearsal at the same time that we could make it to rehearsal. We ended up being on tour and then him playing a show in LA the night before the Revolver Awards, so we never practiced it. We just kept talking to one another—“Are you sure we got this?” And Duff was like, “Hey, man, I know how to play it; everything will be OK.” We’re like “Fuck, dude, yeah, I’m sure you know how to play it but we’re just makin’ sure.” We can’t just walk up there on TV and play a song for the first time and he seemed to think it was gonna be fine and it was. It was awesome; we played it really well and it gelled and we had a good time with it. But I was definitely very scared about that performance over anything else that night.