G1 Chats With Arin Ilejay. - Avenged Sevenfold

G1 Chats With Arin Ilejay.

Arin Ilejay called Brazil’s G1 (Translated) and talked about Avenged Sevenfold playing Rock in Rio, Brazilian fans, Avenged Sevenfold fans being supportive of him, how his jazz and funk rhythm studies influence his play, bringing metal back into the spotlight, not having a stage name and more.

G1 – This is the fifth time that Avenged Sevenfold is coming to Brazil. Do you think the Brazilians already occupy a special chapter in the history of the band?
Yes, definitely a special story. I mean, we do our best to build our history in all the places we go, but just the fact of playing at Rock in Rio and with Iron Maiden, for example, that’s really historic for us. And the Brazilian fans are certainly and by far the most crazy and committed. Can’t really explain how amazing they are. It’s just crazy to see [… ] You’re up there playing and you can only hear the screams in his return. And it happens to me, that I’m sitting there in the background. If I can hear it through my headphones, imagine the guys in front of the stage. And it’s also amazing how, once we got off the plane, they are already there waiting for us, with CDs and posters.

G1 – And how is your relationship specifically with the fans? After you joined the band in a very delicate and sad time. How they got you?
There was little resistance, of course, because the band already had a story without me. But some people were quicker to accept … (my arrival) was due to a a terrible situation, no one chose, had nothing to do with egos or someone being evicted, had to do with losing a loved one. But most of the fans were actually very understanding and supported the band in choosing someone who could help them move on. I think I had more support than even imagined.