Full Metal Jackie's Interview With M Shadows. - Avenged Sevenfold

Full Metal Jackie's Interview With M Shadows.

Full Metal Jackie interviewed M Shadows on Loudwire Reloaded and he spoke about what stands out most to him about ‘Hail To The King,’ how he would like to see Avenged Sevenfold/Rock/Metal as a whole evolve and develop, what he’s currently listening to, how he feels about the resurgence of older bands, Avenged Sevenfold standing the test of time, the music industry, Hail To The King: Deathbat, taking HELLYEAH and Adrenaline Mob out on the Shepherd Of Fire Tour (and what band was originally supposed to be on the bill), hanging out with other bands while on tour, golf and how he feels about where Avenged Sevenfold is today.

Do you feel that your hope for Avenged Sevenfold is to be one of those bands that stand the test of time and are still doing this 20 years from now, as well?
MS: That’s always a hope, but things have changed so much. We’re dealing with a completely different generation. Just the technology and the amount of music that’s getting thrown at everybody everyday. It’s very sporadic. With Spotify, you buy a record now and you don’t even really have to listen to it, you’re paying for a subscription a lot of the time.

Obviously, I’m a younger guy, but even when I was growing up, you went and bought a CD and you had to get into it. Those bands became massive because it was the CD to get. I remember when the first Korn record came out or when [Pantera’s] ‘Far Beyond Driven’ came out, there was no way I wasn’t gonna listen to those things to death because I paid money for it. Now, with subscriptions, I see people downloading songs and they don’t even listen to it. They just listen to one song, they don’t really care about the band. It’s gonna be a lot harder for bands like us and a Five Finger Death Punch or a Bullet for My Valentine — bands that are coming up now — to become that big because people are kind of scattered with all the things that are being thrown at them.

Obviously, that would be a hope: that we could reach that point someday, but it’s gonna be tough.
MS: I’ve got to imagine too, it’s hard when you get compared to, nowadays, bands that have been around longer than Avenged has, it’s impossible to even touch the amount of album sales for the historic bands that have been around and were there when the music business was doing better.

Oh, totally. We were in right when the decline started happening. ‘City of Evil’ came out and people were like, ‘Oh, your record is only doing 30,000 a week. That’s pretty weak compared to what these records were doing.’ Now I look at 30,000 record a week and any band would die to do that, including us. It just doesn’t happen anymore. Now you’re Top 20 if you have 14,000 records a week. The whole CD-buying thing is gone. It’s a lot harder because you look at these bands who sold 200 million records and it’s like, that’s never gonna happen again. There’s not gonna be a band that does that. So we just have to make our own way. We’re not really worried about following those band’s footsteps, we’re just worried about playing to our fans and writing good songs.