Full Metal Jackie Speaks With Johnny Christ. - Avenged Sevenfold

Full Metal Jackie Speaks With Johnny Christ.

Full Metal Jackie spoke with Johnny Christ and he touched on Waking The Fallen: Resurrected, reviewing old footage for the DVD portion of the re-issue, how Avenged Sevenfold begin the ‘writing-new-material’ process and what non-musical aspect of touring makes him most appreciative to be on the road.

An anniversary edition is a great opportunity to do something really special for fans. What special edition albums from other bands are your favorites and what other ideas did they give you for ‘Waking the Fallen: Resurrected’?
JC: Usually I don’t really go back and listen to a lot of special edition ones. The Iron Maiden stuff they have done before, and I think that they have done it a couple of other times, where they do special edition stuff which is cool because they give you a little extra, you know and they are not trying to remaster it. I think those are some of the ideas that we went with.

You can definitely tell the record was made for the time that it was and on the budget that it was. ‘Waking the Fallen,’ I mean. We think that it is cool. It serves its purpose. It serves its time. We don’t want to remaster it or anything like that. To give extra stuff we have put on a few extra tracks of songs that were just a bunch of demoed out songs that eventually became ‘Waking the Fallen’ songs but there are parts in there where you hear four or five different songs in one song because we were just writing like crazy. Then we just had to go in and listen to them. We started to take apart those songs and make them into more concise songs to create ‘Waking the Fallen.’ There are even some riffs on there that we didn’t even use on ‘Waking the Fallen’ but we did use on ‘City of Evil.’ It is kind of wild.

Johnny, was it bittersweet reviewing old footage for the DVD portion of ‘Waking the Fallen: Resurrected’ and seeing The Rev?
JC: Yeah, you know, we all — it was a different time, so it was just fun to see everyone in that aspect and obviously anytime we see stuff with Jimmy it is just bittersweet. You know, little by little we get by a little better each time. It has been a while and things start to get a little easier as anyone who has lost someone very close to them knows that you still feel that way. But you find out that you can just celebrate it than let it hurt you, so it’s actually kind of nice to see The Rev all in black and still wearing makeup and everything like that because that was a time when we were still putting on the makeup and making sure that we were very serious and all in black and everything like that. Now, that just isn’t the case anymore. It is fun to look back and see that youthful time.