Festivais De Veraos' Review And Photos Of Avenged Sevenfold's Show In Lisbon. - Avenged Sevenfold

Festivais De Veraos' Review And Photos Of Avenged Sevenfold's Show In Lisbon.

Festivais De Verao have put up their review as well as some photos from Avenged Sevenfold’s performance in Lisbon, Portugal.

They went on stage with the attitude their known for and ‘Nightmare’, the song that starts the same name album, began. Some cried, some screamed at the top of their lungs, but in ‘Critical Acclaim’ Campo Pequeno joined forces to make M. Shadows not hearing himself, as he later admitted. After a break to thank the fans and remember the concert at Super Bock Super Rock where they shared the stage with Slayer, anyone who thought that the tender air of Arin Ilejay would stop him from doing damage during ‘Welcome To The Family’ (a song almost dedicated to him), were given the evidence that the drums belonging to ‘The Rev’ are being well used.

The two guitarists walked through the stage, in a riff battle against each other, where Synyster Gates was mostly victorious. With a relaxed air, he reached ridiculous treble and volume, during ‘Buried Alive’ and ‘Almost Easy’, lit by fire that came from right on time reaching the pad of the gates.

When the moment of dedicatory arrived, Vengeance pulled his acoustic guitar and ‘So Far Away’ was chosen. With emotion on his voice, M. Shadows dedicates the song to the former drummer and moves on conveniently to ‘Afterlife’ repeatedly thanking the fans for their support and for having depleted the room to see them.

‘God Hates Us’ was the last of the new album to be played before the encore. The two guitarists work was commendable and they kept walking themselves in the sinister environment, as well the bassist Johnny Christ and of course the inevitable singer.

A less expected song was ‘A Little Piece Of Heaven’, where Shadows had to be supported by recordings of his own voice and the late drummer’s. In the midst of a great set list, that was maybe dropped over the hearts of an audience so far in ecstasy. For the goodbye, they promised to return «again, and again, and again», ‘Bat Country ‘rekindled’ the fires – literally – and the moshpits re-formed themselves.

Of course nobody budged the bullring until the Californians were back. The first to return was Zacky Vengeance, landing one of his feet in the higher floor and starting ‘Unholy Confessions’ twice, which only started at the third time, whit Arin in his post. It would have been a perfect ending of the show, but they decided to return so they could drop the last bit of chaos, asking for the biggest circle pit possible, while Gates played the riff for ‘Crossroads’. It was so big that it also became the slowest, as taken the by the fatigue of a gruelling night.

‘Save Me’ was definitely the end of an already long night, of heat and sweat (although the room coverage was opened), with the bass pounding heavily in the ears.

«The manifest motivation of the singer to return to Portugal, saying it was the best audience they had ever played – we’ll never know whether it is or not an exaggeration – gives us the hope of another comeback. One thing is certain, Campo Pequeno was certainly worthy for the night!»

Thanks Rachel for sending this in.