Fans Come Together For Huntington Beach Candlelight Vigil Remembering Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan. - Avenged Sevenfold

Fans Come Together For Huntington Beach Candlelight Vigil Remembering Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan.

The OC Register headed out to the candlelight vigil last night to take some photos of Avenged Sevenfold fans coming together to remember Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan. You can check out more pictures of the event here.

Fans of the Huntington Beach hard-rock band Avenged Sevenfold turned out Friday evening for a candlelight vigil in memory of the band’s drummer, Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan.

William Roe of Bakersville, Sheila Ramm of Lake Elsinore and Jacky Krausse of Riverside remember Avenged Sevenfold drummer Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan at Friday night’s vigil at Huntington Beach Central Park. “I would not be person I am.” said Jacky Krausse about Sullivan’s influence on her.

From Arielle P:

It was so amazing to see all these people get together, with a common love, and just share stories and feelings. There were so many laughs, so many tears. It was just really great. Too amazing for words. I’ve never felt so belonged somewhere, I guess you’d say. Its like, we didn’t all know each other, but we all loved each other.

From Wendy:

The vigil was beautiful. There was such a sense of family and belonging amongst the group. Hearing everyone’s stories really brought a smile to my face and helped me realize that we were all going to get through this together. A7X has some of the most amazing fans. It was so touching to see so many come together to honor one of the greats of our time…

From Sara:

It was great being able to be around so many fans that care so much. The support and love for each other was very apparent. The most beautiful (but sad) part was everyone standing together to sing Seize The Day. And throughout the night it was easy to see we really are one big family!

From Franki Doll:

The vigil was beautiful. No faces, just candles and souls sharing beautiful words and stories. Some laughter, some tears… but mostly – a lot of love. The world became quieter when Jimmy left… but last night it was apparent that through his leaving, he gave many others their voices to speak. <3

From Mayra:

yesterday was beautiful!! There were lots of hugs given to people we might have never known but now do..old friends…lots of laughter and crying but it was all for jimmy. seize the day never sounded so beautiful! 40s in the park in memory of The Rev<333

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