Escape The Fate Members Commend Avenged Sevenfold & Geek Out While Touring With Them. - Avenged Sevenfold

Escape The Fate Members Commend Avenged Sevenfold & Geek Out While Touring With Them.

Escape The Fate’s Craig Mabbit and touring guitarist Kevin “Thrasher” Gruft sat down for an interview (starts at 7:24) with FaceDownTV in which they spoke about their drummer Robert Ortiz being a huge Avenged Sevenfold fan, geeking out while on the Rockstar Uproar tour and commend the band’s humble attitude. I’ve transcribed the question & answer below for those who aren’t able to watch the video.

INT: Do you guys have any crazy fan stories you’d like to share?
CRAIG: There’s crazy fan stories everyday. I mean, whether it’s a super obsessive or super crazy fan it’s always a pleasure [laughs] for me to witness that ’cause it always makes me laugh. I’ll tell ya a crazy ‘fan story,’ this is gonna get deep. We got off stage and the Avenged guys are standing there. They’re like “Hey man, you know, we haven’t really been able to talk to you guys at all this tour. We love you guys, great show, we try to make sure we watch it. Avenged happens to be our drummers favorite band since he was like, 13 or something, I don’t know. So, he’s totally geeking out and he comes on me and Kevin’s bus later in the night. He’s like, “Yo this is the party bus!” – It wasn’t, we were just chilling back watching “Dark Knight” – He walks on with Synyster and Synyster’s got a whiskey bottle and he’s like “Oh, sorry to bother you guys!” and we’re like “No dude whatever! I literally just had nothing to do. You’re coming on here offering to drink I’ll grab a beer, let’s relax and drink.” We’re sitting there talking and Robert’s just totally geeking out and they were just having like.. He remembered Robert as being that fan that would come to all their shows and support them, like “Yeah, let’s get that kid on the list, let’s get that fan on the list” and now to see him grow to be on tour with them I guess they were both reminiscing about nostalgic eras of their careers. But yeah, that was a pretty funny fan experience ’cause the fan was the drummer of my band and it started feeling a little weird [laughs]. Like when he said that kind of awkward thing.. It wasn’t too awkward.. Synyster was like “Yeah man, we’re usually hanging out. We gotta start just hanging and chillin and sharing drinks more” and Robert goes, “Yeah man! You know my dream tour, my favorite band, I just haven’t seen you guys that much..” I was like, “Jesus dude.. so embarrassing.”
KEVIN: Those guys are awesome. Everyone in Avenged Sevenfold. Absolutely cool guys.
CRAIG: Yeah, such nice guys. It’s amazing to see a band at that level be so humble and caring and nice to everyone around them still. And that’s how every band should be in my opinion.
KEVIN: Absolutely inspiring.
CRAIG: Yeah, it does inspire me to keep wanting to be a better band and better person.

Thanks Raylynn for sending this in.