Ernie Ball's Striking A Chord With Synyster Gates - Episode 1. - Avenged Sevenfold

Ernie Ball’s Striking A Chord With Synyster Gates – Episode 1.

Synyster Gates was a guest on the Ernie Ball: Striking A Chord podcast and talked about if there was any social pressure for Avenged Sevenfold to go in a non-shred direction in the beginning of their career, what early Avenged Sevenfold gigs looked like and building up an early fanbase, the change they experienced once they were signed to a major label, significant moments that propelled the band forward, Brooks Wackerman becoming a member, how his musical tastes differ from the band, the Synyster Gates school, if he feels he’s progressed playing-wise, what he likes to do apart from music, three albums that were influential to him, and much more. Listen to episode 1 wherever you podcast and/or read the transcript here. Episode 2 is to be released.