"End Of The World Tour" A Big Send-Off Until Avenged Sevenfold Start Next Album. - Avenged Sevenfold

“End Of The World Tour” A Big Send-Off Until Avenged Sevenfold Start Next Album.

While Avenged Sevenfold are still touring in support of “The Stage,” M. Shadows spoke with ABC News Radio about when the band plan start their next album.

This summer, Avenged Sevenfold will launch a massive tour behind their 2016 album The Stage with Prophets of Rage and Three Days Grace. As frontman M. Shadows tells ABC Radio, the tour will be the culmination of The Stage era.

“We kinda feel like this tour’s been built up for the last two years,” Shadows says. “We’re gonna blow up a lot of stuff, bring out a lot of production, and just give everybody a big send-off until we go into hibernation again to do the next record.”

As for that next record, Shadows says the direction of any new music is currently “theoretical,” but the band is ready for the right inspiration.

“We went down to Mexico recently and got really inspired by some of the music down there,” he says.

The summer tour begins July 22 in Mansfield, Massachusetts, and will wrap up September 2 in Houston, Texas. Assuming they don’t add anything more to their live schedule, Shadows estimates that Avenged Sevenfold could start working on album number eight this fall.

“Maybe October, November we’ll start thinking about getting together and just throwing ideas around,” Shadows says. “We usually don’t even write anything the first few weeks, we just kinda talk and show each other things: ‘Here’s some chords, here’s some ideas, what do we want this thing to sound like?'”

“So that’s still in the early stages,” he adds. “But it’s exciting.”