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Deathbat News Readers Send In Their Stories From Avenged Sevenfold's Best Buy Signing!

I love being able to hear about your wonderful experiences meeting Avenged Sevenfold and being able to share them with everyone here at Deathbat News so when Avenged Sevenfold’s Best Buy signing was announced I was excited to read some stories you guys sent in. After I had gotten a few I figured I would ask you guys to submit your stories to be featured here so everyone could read them! I got a good amount of them, some long, some short but all that had at least one thing to say: That the entire group of guys were humble, down to earth and appreciative to everyone that showed up. But hey, that’s no surprise at all! Check out the stories below and if you didn’t email yours in feel free to share it in the comments!

I arrived around 11 to meet up with friends who had been there since 7am. There were already about a dozen people in front of us, the first of whom said they arrived at 2 in the morning. It was great seeing some A7X fans I had met at other events, as well as getting to know some new fans. The line stayed pretty small until around 1pm when the line started to stretch around the side of the building and eventually around the back. Around 6:15 they started taking people in in groups of 20 (we were in the first group.) The group of us (my friends parents and the 8 of us teenagers) were led through Best Buy to the music room where the guys were lined up at a table. Matt was first, and as I walked up he shook my hand and asked hoe I was doing. I had brought his 6th grade yearbook to show him, and he was blown away. He held up the line to talk to me, asking me where I got it, pointing out pictures of him and his friends and showing Zacky. He was so cool he signed the yearbook in addition to my “Book Of Nightmares.” Zacky was equally as cool, as were Brian and Johnny. Brian signed the yearbook too, without me even having to ask, as did Johnny. Having missed Zacky for the 2nd autograph I went back and asked if there was any way could sign the yearbook too. He replied, “Of course man! I’ll even write Have a bitchin’ summer!” All in all, the four of them couldn’t have been able nicer and all of us guys agreed that they made US feel like we were important, asking us questions about ourselves (even though they’re the rockstars!) They were so down to earth and so cool it was an absolutely amazing experience for all of us! – Charlie E


The signing was absolutely awesome. We got there at 12pm and there was already about 20 people in line. It is always a pleasure going to see any A7X event because it is like a family reunion. I love the people I have gotten to know through them. I am glad we got there when we did because the line rapidly grew and it ende up being completely wrapped around the building. We were told by Best Buy management and security that we couldn’t take any pictures, which was kind of a bummer, but understandable. It was just so nice to be able to be face to face with them, shake their hands and thank them for everything they have done for me. It was hard not to get emotional, but luckily I held it together. Such humble and down to earth guys. KROQ was outside of Best Buy and was holding an A7X trivia contest and I ended up winning 2 orchestra seats to the Uproar Festival in Irvine. So yes, it was a day I will never forget! – Kristen D

I got there around 3:30 and listened to A7X until 4 then started talking to the fans around me. We got in around 6:45 and it was so cool! Shadows was first, and he’s truly an amazing, kind person. He signed my poster and album and I got him and the other 3 to laugh! Then Zacky and Syn, we talked about playing guitar while they signed them and last was Johnny who is extremely kind like the other 3. It’s an amazing feeling knowing you’re meeting your idols. it was worth the long wait and all the anticipation! Syn is a really cool guy and I enjoyed being able to talk to him. They’re all amazing guys and I hope I have the opportunity once more. – Tyler

I arrived at Best Buy around 10am anticipating a long, but eventful day. I was approximately the 25th person in line when we finally went in. I came prepared – food, water, chair and Avenged on my iPods. Yes iPods in case one’s battery died. Hung around until about 6:30 when we were finally allowed in the store. I became very excited once I saw M Shadows at the table along with Zacky V, Synyster Gates and finally Johnny Christ. I sneaked a picture! The guys were so down to earth! I’ve heard that about them many times before, but it is really the case. They came across like average guys. Not the rock god they have become. I shook Matt’s hand and thanked him for coming out and doing this and that I love the new record. He thanked me. I then shook Zack’s hand and he noticed my Vengeance University t-shirt and said, “Hey, nice t-shirt!” I laughed and said, “Nice idea.” Next in line was Syn, my favorite! He said what’s up and I told him I named my daughter after him (Madisyn) and he responded by saying, “Really? With the S-Y-N? That’s awesome.” Johnny laughed and then signed my Deathbat litho poster and I shook his hand and said thank you for coming out. As I walked away, I paused to take one more mental picture of the guys. That wasn’t the end of my experience though! On my way out, I was lucky enough to answer some trivia questions and win tickets to the Irvine Uproar concert! One of the best days of my life. True story. This day would not have been possible without Deathbat News. Thank you so much! – Kris M

It was awesome. I was so nervous, I was shaking when I finally saw them. My brother brought his guitar for them to sign and I brought a project that I did for my Geometry class. We had to draw a city, and I based it all on them with each street named after each band member and everything, the store and the cemetery were named after their songs. So then Matt said, “You need a strip club right here,” and he draws one where his street is at. My brother had dared me to tell Johnny Christ, “Hey Johnny, I like your bass without the B.” I did and it was hilarious. – Veronica

My family and I are hardcore Avenged fans and we were at the signing. It was definitely worth the wait. My favorite part, besides meeting the band, had to be seeing all the Avenged Sevenfold fans (family) together playing great Avenged music and talking to each other. The guys from the band are amazing, great people. I had a full on conversation with all of them and shook their hands. Never felt so happy to see a band and my dream came true. Im sure there’s more to tell you but Im just speechless! – Jose

Hi Deathbat News, you’re awesome. You’re always the first way that I find out about awesome Avenged stuff and if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have been able to meet my heroes today! Matt was super down-to-earth. My friend Jameson and I told him that we’re local and he told us that he used to live really close by. It was crazy talking about driving down some of the same roads. Syn and Zacky were really awesome. I finally got the chance to tell them how much they influence my music and that they’re the greatest guitar duo of al time. Johnny was chillin. All I have to say is that he has excellent taste in sunglasses, and that he rocks the mohawk like no other. Overall, they were exactly the way that I had seen in their videos and stuff. They were very humble people and I was stoked to get to shake their hands and have them sign my favorite shirt. After the event, we hung around with a smaller group of people and watched them climb in their little black bus. It was great to experience being together with some other crazy fans! – Scott G

Me and my buddy Scott had the privilege of going to the signing in Orange. The line outside the store was completely wrapped around the building by 4pm. It was awesome to see so many other fans there and we got to know a couple of guys who flew in from Ireland the night before just for the signing! As for the band themselves, they were INCREDIBLE! They were just as nice and down-to-earth as all of their videos show, and it was completely surreal getting to shake Shads’ hand and talk to the guys. They all signed my City Of Evil booklet (my favorite album of theirs.) The whole day is going down in the record books as one of the best days of my life! – Jameson S

I went to the signing with my dad and 10 year old sister. My dad and I went to the Slidebar on Wednesday night to celebrate “Nightmare” being #1 with the band and got to meet and talk to them a little. I had met Matt prior and Johnny before and both of them remembered me which was awesome. At the signing they recognized us again and we got to joke around a little since we were in the last group of the night. I told Johnny that he did a great job singing at the beginning and end of “Victim,” they all laughed and Brian told me I was hired. My sister got her own copy of “Nightmare” signed which she was very happy about. My dad had the “Book Of Nightmares” CD book signed and I was able to have them sign their own covers of the Revolver special edition magazines which I got that day! Great night with my favorite band, who are all real cool down to earth guys, and family! – Chris B

The signing was the craziest day of my life! Me and my brother came from Ireland and were totally stoked to have a chance to meet A7X. We did our best in persuading our family into letting us go and we did successfully but then we heard that these 300 bands were sold out after the first day. That sucked but we decided we could head down anyway as A7X would be in a 100 feet radius of us. We left for Best Buy at about 1pm and after a traffic stricken journey and bloody going to the wrong Best Buy we arrived at 4pm. The que went all the way around the building. The atmosphere was buzzing with KROQ station blasting out the new album “Nightmare.” With a little bit of Jimmys help from up above there were 3 bands left so we bought 2 bringing our “Nightmare” album count to 4. That was the best feeling of my life getting a band after the long ass journey to get there. Anyway, around 8:45 we got in to meet Avenged Sevenfold. Man, I could barely speak. They were stoked that we came from Ireland to see them and Shadows was apologizing to my brother for not picking him for “Walk” last year when they were there supporting Metallica in Ireland. They were the coolest guys ever. They are exactly how you see them in every interview, down to earth and willing to do anything for their fans. Im gonna take this opportunity to say thanks so much to Deathbat News. You are up to date on everything and I really appreciate everything you do. – Shane and Cian

After I got to Best Buy late due to traffic I managed to find a parking spot close to the street. I walked straight inside with my best friends Dee and Cassie were waiting to go in. KROQ had the contest winners wait in line inside for a bit where they took our picture throwing up a #1 when the guys walked by. It was kind of awkward since we were posing but the guys waved and Matt did a weird double fist pump. It made us laugh. It was weird for me at first seeing them walk by because I was waiting for Jimmy to walk by after Matt but he never did and that bummed me out even more since my friend showed me the Revolver magazine. Cassie has The Rev tattooed on her forearm and it was added to the magazine so if you’ve seen it you know it’s an amazing portrait. She also got Zacky added to the other side which got a very shocked look from the man himself. He liked it so much he took out his cell phone along with Matt and they took pictures of her arm. We were not allowed to take pictures so I was kind of glad KROQ had to to take our pictures with the guys. Every time I see the guys I get nervous but once I see them it goes away because they are such nice guys and they are very welcoming. Also it’s always nice when they remember you. In my case, Matt remembered me from the Slidebar and a few shows where I’ve been in the front row and it’s kind of hard to forget my red hair. I stood next to Johnny for the picture since he’s my favorite and it made my day to get a hug from him too. KROQ called him Johnny “The Huggybear” Christ, well the name suited him very well. Such a huggable man indeed! It was awesome to be able to see them again and it was even more awesome to spend it with all of my A7X family and besties who of which without Avenged Sevenfold I wouldn’t have ever met. Thanks guy! – Miss V

It was well worth the 4 hour wait to meet Avenged for the five minutes I was able to be in the room with them. As soon as we saw them Matt greeted us with a big smile and wave. They were all really friendly, shook my hand and seemed really grateful to meet everybody. It all seems very unreal because it went by so fast. Im disappointed we couldn’t take pictures with them/of them. Tried sneaking my camera in my pocket while shooting video but as soon as I gave Matt a handshake my shirt covered the lens! Great times, hopefully it wont be the last I get to meet these guys because they are awesome and Johnnys glasses are fucking cool. – Michelle

My experience at Best Buy was MAGICAL! Me and my family came all the way from Venezuela just to meet the guys and have an amazing time with them. When we walked into the room and had Avenged Sevenfold in front of us my 7 year old brother screamed, “QUE PASO, EL PASO?” to the band (citing Synyster Gates on a 2008 tour intro where he speaks Spanish) and Syn replied to him with a, “HOLA AMIGO!” They were the greatest seconds of our lives and like I said, magical! – Alejandro

Besides meeting the band, the best part of the signing was getting there early and hanging out with all of my Avenged Sevenfold family. I must have known over 30 people there. I got to meet more fans and make new friends. After passing time (7 hours for me) by playing in the music section in Best Buy and listening to music outside I got to see the A7X guys again. They were really nice, like always, they smiled and asked how I was and always made sure to acknowledge everyone. It was a really great day! – Sara F

I had a great time at the signing. This was my first time going to meet the boys. I actually met someone on to go with to the signing which was awesome! We also made some friends waiting in line too. The boys were really amazing and I was able to get hugs from them all. I will never forget this day. – Brittany D

Me and my little sister attended the signing. We stood in line for 2 hours just to meet the guys! It was a once in a lifetime experience and the first signing I had ever gone to. All the fans in line were in great spirits and super excited to meet the band, we even saw a couple of people on crutches waiting in line for hours too. When it was finally time to go inside the store my heart was pumping. I was so amped to see the band. M Shadows was super nice and I asked him about the KROQ bet he made with Nicole Alvarez about streaking through Burbank if the album went #1. Apparently I misunderstood the terms of the bet because M Shadows held up the line to have this whole conversation about how he technically won the bet. He was super nice! I then moved to Zacky and let him know that I had seen the guys at Slidebar a few days before and you could tell by the expression on his face that he had a blast that night. All he said was, “Yeah I know! It was a good time!” When I hit Syn and Johnny I told them both that I saw them bartend at Slidebar and Syn smiled and asked, “How did we do? Were we good bartenders?” and I told him that they did fine and it was funny that most of the orders were made for them to drink. When I tried to talk to Johnny I went all super fan and completely forgot how to form a sentence. I think I told him I liked his aviators, at least I hope that’s what I said. I do remember shaking and letting Johnny know how much I love the band and how much their music means to me. The adrenaline of meeting them was with me for more then an hour and my sister and I spent the next hour and a half re-telling our experiences. The guys stayed and signed close to 500 signatures and held a smile on their faces the whole time. It was such an honor to meet the guys. – Adrianne

My three: kids Jenna (16), Joey (14), and Jaycee (8) and I were the first ones in line. We got there at 2am. We had a wonderful and memorable time. We met the best band ever and won tickets from KROQ after for our Uproar tour. The 3 Military Personnel that we let go in front of us as a Thank you for serving our country gave us a $100 gift card from Best Buy! This will be a day my kids, especially my son, will never forget. Thank you for the memories! – Jeanette V

This week started off kind of slow because I had a phone interview for a job that I really wanted and it didn’t go as smoothly as I had hoped. Dragging my feet around for the rest of the day I thought I’d see what was new on I was stoked when I found out that A7X was gonna be at the Best Buy 15 minutes away from my house! This was Tuesday and I didn’t get paid until Friday so I was only able to scrape up enough cash to buy 3 albums. I had my fiance and her three little sisters who are all big fans to take care of. The whole week I had a guilty trip about who was going to get to go and how I was supposed to break it to them that not everyone was going to be able to. I decided that at their age this would be epic so me and my fiance decided the kids would go and we would sit this one out. Finally Friday comes around and I was just happy to make a bunch of kids happy. I took Friday off so I could buy the kids posters to get signed and make sure they got there ok. Right when I was about to leave guess who calls the house? KROQ calls to tell me I won 2 front of the line passes for the signing! I had forgotten I had signed up and called my fiance to get out of work because we were going to meet Avenged after all! My fiance got a huge from Shadows and I got to shake all of their hands. We had ear to ear smile that all hell couldn’t remove from our faces! Shadows was so easy to talk to. I asked him how Wednesday’s Slidebar shindig went and he goes, “Dude it was fuckin’ awesome! Im still recovering! We got so fucked up!” Then I had to tell him how I was going to get this huge Deathbat tattoo on my back but felt like it was a prerequisite to meet them first before doing so. He responded, “Well there you go, now you met us, now you can get that tattoo. Too bad we’re just a bunch of dicks!” That caught me off guard! I was laughing so hard that I totally almost walked past the rest of the guys but they were really nice about shaking hands and answering questions that have probably been beaten into the skulls. Zacky V assured me that, “The Irvine show is gonna be fuckin’ bad ass!” Also, when Gates signed my poster the marker kind of skipped and he kept telling me, “Sorry I fucked up your poster!” Fan-Fuckin-Tasic! Me and my fiance hung around until it was time for her little sisters to get their turns. Their expressions were more than enough to make up the weeks mishaps. It was a tear jerking moment and they walked away with a CD, poster and even their guitar signed! Walking to the car I saw that I had a new voicemail. Turns out the phone job interview went better then I thought and Im going in for a second interview next week! Feeling lucky, I bought a lotto ticket! This was the best day I’ve had in a while! Thank you! If I win the lotto I promise to throw a huge ass A7X party here in Orange County! – Javier J

The A7X signing was the best! I was so nervous and excited. I had crutches because I twisted my ankle and when it was my turn to go in and see Matt, Brian, Zacky and Johnny the first thing I did was lay my Deathbat Anatomy poster on the table and hugged Matt for like ever! I told him that I loved him a lot and sorry if I was weird for hugging him for so long and he said it was okay. Then he asked me what happened to my ankle and I said I twisted it when I was doing a back tuck. Then he was like, “Are you a gymnast?” and I said no I cheer and he said that was cool. He smiled and asked, “Okay but nobody dropped you right?” and I said no and he was like, “Okay because I would of had to kick some butt.” Then we started laughing and I started walking a bit more and I hugged Zacky and told him I loved him. Then I got to Syn and he’s like “Hey girl” and I said Hey. I told him I love you so muhc and he said I love you so much too and we both smiled and I went to Johnny and told him I loved him. I was such an awesome experience they were all so nice and caring. – Emily N