Deathbat News Reader Billy Atwood Reviews Avenged Sevenfold's San Jose, CA Show. - Avenged Sevenfold

Deathbat News Reader Billy Atwood Reviews Avenged Sevenfold's San Jose, CA Show.

Deathbat News sent Billy Atwood to Avenged Sevenofold’s sold out show in San Jose, CA last night after winning a pair of tickets through the website. He was kind enough to send in a short review of his experience to share with you all.

I was ecstatic knowing I was gonna get to see the sold out Avenged Sevenfold show because when I tried to get tickets they were already sold out. I arrived at the arena and the place was packed, never seen so many Avenged Sevenfold fans in my life. We walked inside and watched the other bands play, had a good time, then the lights go dark. Never heard anything louder in my life. Then the curtain drops and “Nightmare” starts playing, the place went crazy, they sounded amazing! Tearing through “Critical Acclaim,” “Welcome To The Family,” “Almost Easy,” and “Buried Alive.” Shadows started talking saying tonight was very special for us and went on to say that Jimmy’s parents were their to watch the show which I thought was really cool. During “So Far Away” he asked for all the lighters and cell phones out and every single fan seemed like they had one out, it was beautiful. Then, Matt’s XBox friend Dr. Disrespect came out and they talked crap to each other about whose better at Call Of Duty! My money is on Matt. Da Kurlzz from Hollywood Undead asked o sing his favorite song with them so when Matt said it was from Waking The Fallen I thought it would have been “Second Heartbeat” but when he said “Chapter Four” I thought it was cool ’cause we were the only show to see it, I believe. Then they went on with “A Little Piece Of Heaven,” “Bat Country,” and “Unholy Confessions.” The lights turned off, the whole stadium was filled with “Sevenfold” and “Encore” chants. The lights turned on and Matt came out and said, “You don’t get an encore for a free show!” He paused then said, “Just kidding!” and busted into “Beast And The Harlot” which was a great way to end the night. Everybody started leaving but I was lucky enough to be able to talk to Jimmy’s dad about Jimmy and the show which was really cool. It was his first time seeing Arin and was very impressed. He was such a humble man and saw how Jimmy became the great man he was along with being a great musician. By far the best Avenged Sevenfold concert yet!