Deathbat News Previews Revolvers "Fallen Heroes" Issue. - Avenged Sevenfold

Deathbat News Previews Revolvers "Fallen Heroes" Issue.

There are some amazing tributes to fallen musicians in this issue and since I just got mine earlier today thanks to the wonderful people at Revolver Magazine I thought I would give you guys a little preview of what you’ll be able to read once you pick up yours on newsstands tomorrow (today if you’re reading this on the 21st!) or in the Revolver Online Store right now!

M Shadows sat down with Revolver’s Brandon Geist & Kory Grow for a great story and interview that led to interesting, funny and bone-chilling insight on such songs as “A Little Piece Of Heaven,” “Almost Easy,” “Afterlife,” “Welcome To The Family,” “Save Me,” and “Fiction.” You’ll also find out where “Nightmare” placed on Revolver’s 20 Best Albums Of ’10 list and what M Shadows thinks about the spot they clinched. Oh, he may also hint a little about the future of the band and it goes something like, “We know we’re…” – Did you guys really think I was going to continue? Yeah right! Pick up the issue out tomorrow and find out how the rest goes.