Deathbat News Live Blog: The 2011 Revolver Golden Gods Awards. - Avenged Sevenfold

Deathbat News Live Blog: The 2011 Revolver Golden Gods Awards.

Now that the show is over a big congratulations goes out to Avenged Sevenfold on the awards they won tonight and a thank you to all of the fans who made it happen by voting. Check out a full recap of the show including awards, set list, notes, photos and more below.


Since so many of us can’t be in Los Angeles, Ca attending the 2011 Revolver Golden Gods Awards I decided to stay up so I can update live with the award results as they’re announced at the show as well as performance notes (set list, special guests performing with them, etc).

2011 Revolver Golden Gods Awards Results:
Epiphone Best Guitarist(s): Synyster Gates & Zacky Vengeance
Best Vocalist: M Shadows
Affliction’s Album Of The Year: Avenged Sevenfold’s “Nightmare”
Samson Zoom Best Live Band: Rammstein
Drum Workshop’s Best Drummer: Mike Portnoy (for his work on “Nightmare”)

Award Show Notes:
Synyster Gates after winning Best Guitarists: “We might not have the prettiest fans…but we definitely have the awesomest fans.”
– A “Fallen Heroes” tribute video played showing many that we’ve lost including Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan.
Mike Portnoy upon winning Best Drummer for his work on “Nightmare”: “It was an honor for me to play on the album and do the job the Rev wasn’t able to complete. The 1 thing that blew me away was the fans! Thank you all.” – Today is also Mike’s birthday.
M Shadows got a standing ovation from the crowd after winning Best Vocalist.
M Shadows upon winning Best Vocalist: “This guy [Bach] is one of the best singers of all time. We look forward to kicking your ass in about 20 minutes.”
M Shadows upon winning Best Album: “Fuck yeah. So we’re all having a party tonight, but I’m gonna be a little quick with this. Everybody knows how hard it was for us to make this album, losing our best friend a year and a half ago. But we appreciate our fans for helping us get back on our feet an do this. we have 5 min. before we get on stage and kick all your asses. Our fans know we never play on TV and do stuff like this, but Revolver has been so good to us and our fans that we’re here…”
Synyster Gates upon winning Best Album: “Thanks, Mom.”
Lars Ulrich, “In 2006, I was listening to the radio and I heard this song that fucking blew me away, and it turned out that song was ‘Bat Country.’

Performance Notes:

– Nightmare
– Beast and the Harlot
– It’s So Easy (Guns N Roses cover)
– Bat Country
– Mouth For War (Pantera cover)
– Almost Easy

Roadrunner Records put up a photo of Avenged on stage here.
Duff McKagan joins Avenged Sevenfold on stage for “It’s So Easy” cover.
– Revolver Mag agree with “Best Guitarist” winners: “Synyster Gates is such an insane guitarist. He and Zacky are totally worthy of their award. No wonder you all voted for them.”
Vinnie Paul joins Avenged Sevenfold on stage for “Mouth For War” cover.
Metal Injection post a photo of Avenged Sevenfold performing “Mouth For War” here.
M Shadows says goodnight: “Good night. Guys we appreciate it. We hope you had a great time. And we will all see you very soon.”

Misc Notes:
Zacky Vengeance posts: “I won an award and said thank you and hail satan. VH1 is gonna love me.” Apparently, some people aren’t happy about it.
– As of 2:20am EST both “A7X” and “Avenged Sevenfold” are trending in the United States on Twitter.
Brandon Geist talks his after-party highlight: “hanging w/ M Shadows & Vinnie, talking “Mouth for War,” imagining Dime & the Rev playing along in heaven”

A big thank you goes out to Kyle and Elizabeth. These two helped me keep you all updated with award winners, performance notes, and photos. Also to Revolver Magazine for hosting such a ridiculously great show and being so supportive of Avenged Sevenfold. Catch the show on VH1 Classic on May 28th.