Deathbat News' Avenged Sevenfold On Uproar In Biloxi, MS Recap. - Avenged Sevenfold

Deathbat News' Avenged Sevenfold On Uproar In Biloxi, MS Recap.

Yesterday was unlike any other Avenged Sevenfold show I’ve been to as I’ve never had to trek through a Tropical Storm to get to the venue. Though, no weather was going to keep me from attending the show. Mother Nature knew what was up though because right after I left my house in New Orleans to head east to Biloxi, MS the rain and wind died down and I had no problem getting there. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do a meet up with Deathbat News readers due to getting there late but I was happy to see some friends and readers from past events. I also got the chance to take a group photo of fans (I’m not in it) with the band after getting their guitars signed.

Skip to Avenged Sevenfold taking the stage and I will say this was one of the largest crowds I’ve seen them perform for in the South. The floor was packed from the front to the back and there was no shortage of fans in the stands. This show was absolutely insane. From the lighting that fit every songs mood perfectly, to the pyro and to the set list I had been dying to see which included “I Won’t See You Tonight Pt. 1” and “Not Ready To Die.” If you can make it out to this tour I would highly recommend you don’t miss it. These guys consistently one-up themselves with each tour and I can’t help but feel proud every time I witness it. It is always a pleasure to get to watch these guys perform.

Additionally, the night couldn’t have ended any better for me and I am incredibly gracious for it. I’d like to start off by saying thank you to WBR who set me up with a photo pass (photos can be found here) for the show, the A7X Crew who work their asses off to translate these shows from a vision into reality and most importantly Avenged Sevenfold. M Shadows made a comment about the hospitality that people in the South show and the only thing I can do is mimic that back to the band and their crew. Thank you guys for yet another night I’ll never forget.