Day 4 1/2 And 5 Of The A7X Nightmare. - Avenged Sevenfold

Day 4 1/2 And 5 Of The A7X Nightmare.

Yesterday evening Avenged Sevenfold led you here to Deathbat News where you were given two clues. One to make yourselves at home and to have a look around. The other told you the star had the answer. From there you were to get your clues through user comments as to where this “prize” could be found. Some of you were pretty dedicated in searching for hours, others got it and some didn’t get it at all. What was it? It was the 5th puzzle piece in the Avenged Sevenfold puzzle! Congrats to those of you that got to place it into the puzzle last night and now the rest of you get to do that today!

We were incredibly honored to be able to do that for you guys. Thank you to all of those who made the Day 4 post so much fun and to Narnia!