David Draiman Discusses Why M Shadows Was Perfect For Device Song "Haze." - Avenged Sevenfold

David Draiman Discusses Why M Shadows Was Perfect For Device Song "Haze."

David Draiman has been doing the rounds promoting his new band Device’s debut self-titled album (out April 9th) which features M Shadows on the track “Haze.” Revolver Magazine and ARTISTdirect spoke with David about why he thought Shadows was perfect for the song, getting it recorded and what “Haze” is about.

M Shadows
Avenged Sevenfold

“The first exposure I had to Avenged Sevenfold was when they toured with us on the first Ozzfest we did. Matt has a tremendous character to his vocal. His range is huge. He’s bulletproof. Night after night, he pulls it off without a flaw. He was perfect for ‘Haze,’ which is a celebration of the most intoxicating substance that we know of, which is live performance.”

Where did “Haze” come from?
DD: “Haze” is an interesting one. That was one of the last songs we wrote as part of the whole writing session. From a lyrical perspective, it’s basically about what our greatest addictions as musicians is. That’s playing live. It takes almost a tongue-in-cheek approach at describing it almost treating it as if the experience itself were some kind of intoxicating drug. It’s the most intoxicating experience I know of. That’s for certain. There’s no drug that can hold a candle to it. It’s the whole thing. It’s the life. It’s the stage experience. It’s everything you take with the feeling of leaving from the stage, the feeling you get going to it, and the energy you get from the crowd.

Did you and M. Shadows [Avenged Sevenfold] discuss that idea?
DD: I told him what the song was about ahead of time. I’m not one of those guys who likes to go, “Hey, would you like to guest on my record? By the way, I need you to write something for it!” That seems pimp-y to me [Laughs]. I sent the Matt the completed song, and I said what I had in mind for him to do. I wanted him to take the second verse and second chorus and for us to finish the song together. He loved it. It was a matter of him finding the time to do it. I think he did it when he tracked “Carry On” for Call of Duty: Black Ops II.