DagBladet Oslo Review, "A7X Are A Phenomenon Among The Younger Generation.." - Avenged Sevenfold

DagBladet Oslo Review, "A7X Are A Phenomenon Among The Younger Generation.."

DagBladet.NO have put up their review of Avenged Sevenfold’s show in Oslo, Norway. You can check out translation of the article of the article below.

“The Huntington Beach-band Avenged Sevenfold is in many ways a very popular band in the growing generation of music listeners.

When the band released their fifth album “Nightmare” earlier this autumn, it did not do much on the norwegian sales-top. But still the band sold out the concert at Sentrum Scene so fast that the concetr was moved to Oslo’s biggest in-door venue; Oslo Spektrum.

There was no doubt that the youngsters had done their homework. When Simon & Garfunkles “The Sound of Silence” slips into “Nightmare” and Avenged Sevenfolds fascinating scene reveals itself, the crowd screams so high it almost wins over the sound of the band itself.

Fitting the big venues (Or something alike, not quite sure how to translate this one properly)

Last time the band were in Norway, they were there as the opening band for Iron Maiden at Valle Hovin in 2008, and its clear that the band has taken some wisdom from them to be able to fill the big venues.

This includes big scene show (which in this case can remind you of a haunted graveyard), using the crowd as well as choruses that can easily be thrown to the crowd. Which is something that was done a lot during the concert.

The cell-phones dance high in the air while the teenagers at the first row push the air out of each other in pure ecstasy.

Their own Signature

The quintet lost their drummer Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan to an overdose last year during the Christmas. This is marked by people bringing up matches and lights in the air during the song “So far away” midway through their set.

Sullivan, who was an important writer, also does his part by doing pre-recorded backup-vocals at several points during the concert. One of which was during blistering “Critical Acclaim”.

During “Buried Alive” M. Shadows brings Axl Rose-shakes as well as a great passion, a song that very well can become the 2000s answer to Metallica’s “One”. The guitarists duel in true Judas Priest- and Iron Maiden-esque tradition during “Beast and the Harlot”, while “God Hates Us” and “Afterlife” shows that the band also has music that can make the concrete floor in Spektrum shake.

Avenged Sevenfold still delivers much more than re-writed riffs. There is no doubt that the band has found their own signature sound, which assures us that neither the band nor their fans will disappear tomorrow.”

Thanks to Kongz for sending this in. Thanks to HÃ¥kon for the translation!