Cyperpresse On A7X's Set, "Completely Out Of Control" At Festival d'été de Québec. - Avenged Sevenfold

Cyperpresse On A7X's Set, "Completely Out Of Control" At Festival d'été de Québec.

Cyberpresse have put up a review of Avenged Sevenfold’s set at Festival d’été de Québec.

There was communion, yesterday on the Plains, while Summer Festival received their first sacrament of Avenged Sevenfold. Confirmation, too, closed the link between the public of Quebec and California that combines metal and punk rock. The religious metaphor is hardly contradictory for a band that log songs titled “God Hates Us” and “A Little Piece Of Heaven.” For the vast majority of the crowd it was their first Avenged Sevenfold show and those hands were raised when the singer M Shadows asked.


“Oh fuck, yeah!” These were the first words of Shadows, in fine vocal and physical form. Shortly after he praised the Quebec public (we’ll spare you the expletives). He said he saw from his hotel room the brave who had come early to the entrance of the Plains to ensure a place at the front. Friendly. “Critical Acclaim” and “Welcome To The Family” returned, because of the unique energy of the two guitarists Synyster Gates and Zacky Vengeance, bassist Johnny Christ and the new guy, drummer Arin Ilejay. It was believed that the intensity would move down a notch with “Buried Alive.” It did not. Instead, we were treated to an interesting song crescendo, supported by a string of fireballs at the back of the stage.

It came time to reflect in memory of Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan. Shadows spoke of the “greatest artist he had ever met” by thanking the passage of Canadian fans for their support and recalling that the first show they had given after his death was in Montreal.Good excuse to offer “So Far Away.” It admits to having felt a little thrill. Their hit “Bat Country,” from the album that put them on the map (“City of Evil”) initiated a final thunder, supplemented by stakeholders “Unholy Confessions” and “Save Me.” They also triggered an intense mosh-pit.

The provision yesterday can easily confirm the loving relationship between the group from Orange County and Quebec. It began in 2004 at the Vans Warped Tour and has been maintained formally for five years for each of their passes to Youth Pavilion.First time at Plains, Avenged Sevenfold has delivered an honest performance, too short, it’s true, but completely out of control. Amen.