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The Chronicle: M. Shadows On Returning To The UK, Music Tastes & More.

M. Shadows spoke to The Chronicle about surprise releasing “The Stage,” their new live show, returning to the UK, the reactions their Top 7 albums of 2016 received, the album evolving, and teased a “huge” tour and surprise for the UK.

On whether they are planning to translate the futuristic theme to the upcoming tour Shadows says: “We want to get across the same idea, we’re getting some interesting structures.

“It’s a whole experience we want to convey of the digital, and out of this world. It will feel like you’re looking at something very different to what we have done before.

“We have four huge areas inside the stage so fans can be a part of the show.”


But perhaps surprisingly albums from Snoop Dogg, The Weeknd and Ariana Grande also featured on the lists which received mixed reaction from their social media followers.

After the response Shadows said: “It’s interesting, they get so upset if you listen to anything else, it doesn’t do us any good.

“I find it interesting that you can get in a car with someone and they can play anything from Metallica to The Weeknd.

“True metal fans are very protective and won’t listen to anything else, but it’s good to be open minded.”


And it looks like more live show announcements are on the way, Shadows said: “A huge tour is coming in the summer and a surprise for the UK which we think they’ll appreciate.”